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How to See Sold Items on eBay in 3 Steps (With Photos)

eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces, facilitating over 1.2 billion live listings and175 million buyers as of 2022. With millions of items selling every second, scouring completed listings on eBay provides unparalleled insight into real-time market prices, demand, and collecting trends. This guide will explore how both buyers and sellers can leverage eBay‘s search functionality to unlock data-driven insights.

Why Check Sold Listings?

For buyers, researching sold listings helps answer the critical question "What is this actually worth?" eBay‘s completed auctions represent tangible sales, not hypothetical asking prices. Granular filters allow shoppers to pinpoint precise product attributes, conditions, and sold dates when appraising an item‘s value.

Sellers also rely heavily on completed listings to perfect pricing strategy. Comparing your merchandise to parallel sold items prevents undervaluing in-demand inventory. Repricing tools even use eBay‘s rich closed auction data to automatically optimize prices based on current sales.

In short, there is immense analytical value in examining eBay‘s constantly updating record of sales across its millions of product categories. Let‘s explore how to harness this information.

Search Sold Listings on Desktop

Step 1: Visit

Launch your preferred web browser and navigate to the core eBay website – no account or login required for basic searching.

eBay Homepage

The recognizable eBay homepage

Step 2: Search for an Item

In the prominent search bar, enter keywords related to the item you wish to research. Be as specific as possible for relevant results.

For example, "1878 Morgan silver dollar" or "Charizard Base Set 4 PSA 10" are ideal search terms with details around the product itself.

eBay Search Bar

Use descriptive keywords like product details and certifications for best results

Step 3: Filter Sold Listings

Once search results load, scroll left to the filters column. Under "Show only" check the box labelled "Sold items" to exclusively view completed listings.

eBay Sold Filter

Filtering by sold items displays completed auctions and purchases

Voila! The search is now filtered to surface only sold listings, giving you an accurate snapshot of current market pricing.

Leverage Advanced Search

For further analysis, click "Advanced" next to the main search bar to unlock additional filters.

Advanced Search

The advanced search page provides expanded filtering capabilities

Here you can filter by:

  • Date range – Analyze sales trends over time
  • Item condition – Compare pricing across conditions
  • Sold by seller type – Filter business vs. personal accounts
  • Price range – Zero in on affordable or premium sales
  • Location – Isolate geographic sales data

Advanced search allows granular isolation of the most relevant sold listings to inform pricing decisions.

Mobile App Search

The eBay mobile app enables on-the-go access to sold data for both iOS and Android.

Step 1: Launch the App

Download the eBay app and open it on your smartphone or tablet. No login required.

eBay App Home

The eBay app provides mobile access to search functions

Step 2: Search for Item

Tap the search bar and enter your desired query, then hit enter to search.

eBay App Search

Searching manually on mobile or using barcode scanning

Step 3: Filter Sold

Once results populate, tap the "Filter" button and toggle on "Sold items" to isolate completed auctions.

eBay App Sold Filter

Enable the sold items filter under the Show More tab

The app enables quick searching on-the-go to price shop and gather real-time market data.

Sellers – View Your Sold Items

Sellers have access to their own personalized sold data.

Step 1: Sign Into Seller Account

Ensure you are signed into your dedicated seller account, not a general buyer account.

Step 2: Access Seller Hub

Hover over "My eBay" and select "Selling" to enter your Seller Hub.

Seller Hub Access

Navigate to Seller Hub from the My eBay menu

Step 3: View Sold Items

Under the "Orders" section, you can view your recent sold items and sales metrics.

Seller Sold Items

Seller Hub provides personal sold data and analytics

Analyze your sold listings to identify bestsellers, optimize pricing, and align inventory to purchase trends.

Buy Smarter, Sell Smarter

In today‘s data-driven world, leveraging eBay completed listings provides a distinct competitive advantage for both buyers and sellers. Follow this guide to tap into the wealth of market insights hidden in eBay‘s sold items. Happy searching!