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How Wide is an 85-Inch TV? Complete Dimensions Guide

So you want to go BIG with your next TV. An 85-inch set with a gorgeous, theater-sized display can be captivating. But before rushing out to purchase the largest flat screen you can afford, it‘s important to understand exactly what you‘re getting into when it comes to the physical size and installation requirements.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll break down key 85-inch TV dimensions you need to know. We‘ll also provide expert buyer’s advice on room considerations, viewing distances, entertainment center fit, and more so you can determine if one of these massive screens is right for your space.

Actual 85-Inch TV Dimensions

While 85-inches describes the diagonal screen size measurement from corner to corner, the actual width, height, and depth vary from model to model. To give you a solid idea of what to expect, here is a comparison table for some of the most popular 85-inch sets on the market:

85 inch tv dimensions table

As you can see, display width ranges from about 74.5 to 75 inches across different brands. Display height is typically between 42 and 43 inches. There can be quite a lot more variation when it comes to overall depth based on whether you‘ll use the included stand or mount it flat to the wall.

Next let’s break down exactly what these key dimensions mean and how they impact setup.

How TV Size is Measured

Manufacturers use diagonal screen size to determine a TV‘s designated class. This refers to the distance between the bottom left edge to the extreme top right edge:

Diagonal screen size of 85 inch TV

So when you see "85-inch TV", realize the actual screen width and height will differ. This metric is simply meant to give you an easy value to understand the general display size you can expect.

For standard flat panel TV designs, you can use this handy diagram showing key 85-inch measurements:

85 inch tv dimensions diagram

Display Width – Width measurement of viewable screen, typically between 74” and 75”.

Display Height – Height measurement of viewable screen, typically between 42” to 43”.

TV Depth – Thickness of the display panel itself without stand. Ranges from 1” to over 4”.

Stand Depth – Measurement of how far the stand extends from the wall. 13” to 18” is common.

Understanding these dimensions, especially display width and stand depth, will ensure your 85-inch TV fits properly on your wall or entertainment center.

Wall Mount Depth Considerations

Planning to mount your massive new 85-inch TV? Wall depth is a crucial consideration.

The thinnest portion of the TV housing is listed in “TV depth” for the sets we compared above. This display depth ranges from just 1 inch for slim Samsung QLED models all the way up to 3.7 inches for the TCL Q6 Series. The thinner the better for a clean wall-mounted look.

However, you also need to factor the depth of your wall mount itself:

85 inch tv mounted on wall

Typical articulating mounts extend 2-4 inches off the wall. Low-profile mounts hug closer at 0.5 – 1.5 inches depth. Combined with your display thickness, you’re looking at a 3 to 8 inch range for how far your 85-incher will jut off the wall.

Measure carefully during the planning process to visualize sightlines and ensure furnishings don’t block the screen. Leaving ample space around the perimeter also reduces unwanted reflections.

Stand Base Depth for Entertainment Centers

Alternatively, you may prefer placing your 85-inch TV on a media console or entertainment center. This requires understanding stand base depth:

85 inch lg tv on entertainment center

As shown in our comparison chart, stands range from 13 inches for slimmer Vizio models up to a substantial 18 inches for the hefty Sony stand. Compare these measurements against the surface area of your entertainment center to ensure proper fit.

You don’t want your sleek new 85-inch set precariously hanging off the edge or having to return the unit because it doesn’t fit on your existing furniture! Be sure to measure the entire surface area and not just shelf width when calculating fit.

85 inch TV size mockup on wall

We highly recommend mocking up the size with painter‘s tape on the wall or furniture before permanent installation. This makes it easy to visualize the scale and make any adjustments before unlocking that massive box!

Room and Viewing Considerations

An 85-inch TV dominates whatever space it inhabits. Make sure your room‘s size, seating layout, lighting scheme, and decor aesthetics complement the display rather than compete with it.

Carefully evaluate these factors during your planning:

Room Size – An 85-inch screen is best suited for dedicated home theaters, open concept living spaces, and bonus rooms 200 square feet or larger. The layout must comfortably accommodate seating at least 10 to 12 feet from the display. Measure thoroughly and use the mockup method mentioned earlier.

Viewing Distance – THX home cinema standards recommend allowing between 1.2 and 1.5 times the diagonal length for optimum 4K clarity without excessive eye movement. So for an 85-inch screen, ideal viewing would be 10 to 13 feet away. Seating further than 15 feet risks diminishing immersive impact.

85 inch TV recommended viewing distance

Off-Center Seating – With a panel this wide, be aware of viewing angle performance if watching from extreme side seating. VA panel TVs tend to wash out more than IPS options. Check manufacturer specs and aim for at least 178° (89° from center) viewing angle or better.

Ambient Light – Large display combined with a bright room increases fatigue and glare. Consider room darkening blinds/shades and bias lighting placement. Contrast is king when showcasing these premium TVs.

85-Inch TV Installation Tips

Manhandling an awkward, heavy 85-inch television requires planning and precaution. Many buyers wisely opt for professional installation. If you want to DIY, follow these tips:

  • Recruit assistance – boxes can weigh over 100 lbs! Steady, careful coordination is a must during unpacking and mounting.

  • Mind the measurements – repeatedly confirm width, height, and depth to ensure your mounting solution, entertainment center, or other furniture accommodates the display size.

  • Allow ample ventilation – leaving 6-8 inches of clearance around the perimeter allows airflow to prevent overheating.

  • Check viewing angles – panel tech and backlight design impact off-axis picture performance. Try to mount the screen for optimal head-on viewing.

  • Hide cords neatly – use raceways or sleeves to conceal the inevitable rat‘s nest of cords stemming from 85-inch smart TVs and source devices. Makes adjustments easier down the road.

Which 85-Inch TV is Best in 2023?

While this guide has focused primarily on size and installation factors, performance and features remain priorities as well for discerning 85-inch TV buyers. Below we’ll compare top-rated options across three pricing tiers.

Budget Pick – TCL 85" 6-Series QLED TV (Model 85R655). One of the most affordable 85-inch sets delivers superb 4K and gaming performance courtesy of mini-LED backlighting and THX certified brightness/contrast. Roku smart platform cinches excellent value around $1800.

TCL 85 inch 6 series TV

Mid-Range Pick – Sony X90L 85-inch TV (Model XR85X90L). Triluminos Pro color and X1 4K HDR processing check all the right tech boxes while Google TV offers broad streaming app selection. Under $2500 secures gorgeous big-screen Bravia brand quality.

Top-of-the-Line – Samsung 85-inch QN85QN90C Neo QLED TV. Showcases unmatched brightness through mini-LEDs and local dimming zones. AI 4K neural processing ensures optimal upscaling alongside gaming/sports presets. Expect to pay around $3500+ for bleeding-edge 85-inch performance.

FAQ About 85-Inch TVs

Should I get professional installation?
Yes, strongly advised due to weight and dimensions involved. Technicians have proper equipment and techniques to safely transport and mount while minimizing any wall/furniture damage.

What is the typical price range for 85-inch TVs?
Between $1500 – $4500 based on brand, display technology, smart features, and other performance specs. Sale prices often dip below $2000 for value models.

What size room do I need?
200 square feet or larger. Viewing distance should measure 10-15 feet depending on seating layout. 85-inches becomes overwhelming in smaller bedrooms and living rooms.

Can an 85-inch TV sit on a regular TV stand?
Verify stand dimensions but typically regular stands lack adequate surface area and weight capacity. A wide, reinforced media console designed for the task is recommended.

Is picture quality reduced at an 85-inch size?
Not inherently. Contrast, color accuracy, upscaling and other crucial image quality markers remain consistent across average screen sizes. Enhancement features tailored for 85-inch+ displays also emerge.

Deciding if an 85-Inch TV Fits Your Lifestyle

While massive 85-inch home theater displays continue gaining popularity as prices fall, they still require serious space allocation and viewing accommodations compared to more modest 55 to 65-inch offerings.

Carefully weigh the room size, seating ergonomics, installation logistics, and overall impact on your environment to determine if going super big makes sensible enjoyment and decorative sense. There‘s no use cramming an oversized picture into unsuitable surroundings.

We hope this detailed dimensions overview, buying considerations checklist, and model recommendations aid your 85-inch television shopping journey! Please drop any remaining questions in the comments below.