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The 7 Best Soccer Games on PC for Hours of Digital Football Fun

Soccer, known as football around the world, is consistently one of the most beloved and widely played sports globally. It‘s no surprise that soccer video games like FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) rank among the best-selling games year after year.

For soccer fans who also love gaming, playing digital football provides a deeply engaging experience. Whether you fantasize about managing your favorite club to championship glory or prefer causing mayhem by demolishing opponents as a player, soccer games offer something for everyone.

In this guide, we‘ll review the top soccer video games available for PC, from hardcore simulations to over-the-top arcade action. Here are our picks for the 7 best soccer games you can play on your computer right now.

1. FIFA 23 – For Cross-Platform Play with Cutting-Edge Realism

As the final release under EA Sports‘ licensing deal with FIFA itself, FIFA 23 bids farewell to a partnership that has thrilled gamers since 1993. With fully integrated cross-play functionality across console generations and PC for the first time, plus enhanced visuals through HyperMotion2 technology, FIFA 23 is a fitting send-off.

FIFA 23 contains over 19,000 players across more than 700 clubs and 100 icon players from history to control. Women‘s club teams are also playable for the first time. The depth of authentic content paired with buttery smooth, realistic gameplay makes each match in FIFA 23 feel like controlling real-life athletes on the pitch.

While recent FIFA titles have been plagued by exploitative microtransactions in their Ultimate Team mode, FIFA 23 scales back on this predatory approach to let skilled play shine through. Minor visual bugs do occur, but FIFA 23 marks a return to form with its blend of accessibility and sim-style depth across various career modes, online seasons and more.

Key Features:

  • Fully integrated cross-platform play
  • Women‘s club teams
  • HyperMotion2 technology for ultra-realism
  • 19,000+ real-life players and icons
  • Multiplayer seasons and Pro Clubs

2. eFootball 2023 – Hardcore Simulation with Caveats

Once positioned as FIFA‘s main rival, eFootball 2023 (formerly Pro Evolution Soccer or PES), hits harder than ever when it comes to realistic gameplay and graphics. However, loss of key licensing deals sees the game take the field this year with generic placeholder teams and players pending post-launch updates.

On the pitch itself, eFootball 2023 demonstrates incredible player animation and " Gravity Motion Technology to emulate the real-life physicality and momentum of world-class athletes. Advanced tactics like false nine formations are also possible. You can even import user-created players and teams through Option Files on PC for full authenticity.

Just be prepared for a steep learning curve. eFootball 2023 does away with assisted passing and shooting to provide a demanding simulation of soccer mastery. Matches in eFootball 2023 unfold at a methodical, tactical pace where each touch matters. Perfect for devoted fans, but expect a high skill floor.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-realistic gameplay and graphics
  • Gravity Motion Technology
  • Support for user-created content
  • Advanced formations and strategies
  • No microtransactions

3. Football Manager 2023 – The Gold Standard for Management Simulation

Prefer the strategy of managing a club over directly controlling players on the pitch? With its staggering depth, Football Manager 2023 is second-to-none when it comes to off-field decisions that guide your squad to glory.

Dubbed “soccer spreadsheet simulator” by some, Football Manager puts you in charge of tactics, transfers, contracts, scouting, youth development and much more at over 100 clubs in 21 nations. Live out your fantasy as boss of giants like Barcelona or take a lowly club from Latvia to Champions League triumph – the choice is yours.

Football Manager 2023 introduces staff meetings to build team cohesion, enhanced transfer negotiations and improved 3D match visuals. Expect to agonize over the impact of every choice as seasons unfold in FM‘s fastidiously accurate simulation. Hundreds of nations, leagues and over half a million real-world players deepen immersion further. Just don‘t expect direct control over your players like in FIFA.

Key Features:

  • Choose from clubs in 100+ nations
  • Manage all off-field decisions and tactics
  • Transfer negotations with realistic complexity
  • Enhanced 3D match visuals
  • Customizable training routines

4. Rocket League – Soccar With Supersonic Acrobatic Cars

On the more arcade-friendly side of the spectrum lies Rocket League. This phenomenon from developer Psyonix fuses high-octane soccer with outrageous physics as customizable vehicles soar to score impossibly aerial goals.

Rocket League prioritizes fun over simulation with its easy to learn, challenging to master take on soccer. Cars equipped with boosters jet across outlandish domed arenas, running up walls, spinning mid-air and more en route to victory. Rewarding gameplay keeps matches intense as skill matters above all else.

Despite its wackiness, Rocket League boasts one of the highest skill ceilings among modern esports. Add in a thriving item trade economy, basketball and ice hockey variants plus consistent developer support and it’s easy to see why Rocket League retains millions of monthly players seven years since launch. If you want a reliably exciting break from traditional soccer games, this is it.

Key Features:

  • Soccer with customized rocket-powered cars
  • High skill ceiling with easy basics
  • Basketball, hockey and other variant modes
  • Huge skill-based esport scene
  • Trade economy around cosmetic items

5. UFL – A Promising New Challenger

Set to launch as a free-to-play competitor to EA and FIFA‘s dominance, UFL aims for quality over quantity with a planned initial roster of 5000 players. Backed by official deals with clubs like West Ham United, UFL puts the focus on street football rather than lavish licenses.

Built in Unreal Engine, UFL impresses in pre-release footage with smooth, responsive gameplay reminiscent of earlier Pro Evolution Soccer titles. Officially licensed players like Oleksandr Zinchenko also feature, suggesting more real-world stars may also appear alongside fictional user-generated talent.

Due to its smaller scale, UFL will center on online seasons, tournaments and championships at launch rather than career modes. With no pay-to-win mechanics or microtransactions either, UFL‘s eventual arrival on PC and consoles could shake up simulation-style soccer gaming – if gameplay delivers on its promising potential.

Key Features:

  • Quality over quantity approach
  • Street football focus
  • No pay-to-win mechanics
  • Based on Unreal Engine
  • Smooth, responsive gameplay

6. Sensible World of Soccer 2020 – Retro Magic Revived

First released in 1994, Sensible Software‘s Sensible World of Soccer pioneered many staples of digital football. Now available remastered with contemporary leagues, players and enhancements as Sensible World of Soccer 2020, it retains the vintage magic in updated form.

Despite simplistic 2D visuals, Sensi‘s emphasis on lightning-quick gameplay, 60 fps frame rate and emphasis on user-generated content still shines through. Play as classic players and teams from 1990 alongside modern covering 40 divisions across 21 nations out of the box, then add to them via Steam Workshop support.

Manage club finances on top of coaching player growth over multiple seasons in career mode or jump into exhibition games online or locally on one PC. Approachable, smooth and highly customizable, Sensi plays a vintage style of digital football that still offers plenty of nuanced fun today.

Key Features:

  • Remaster of 1994 classic
  • 2D visuals/gameplay updated for 2020
  • 60fps smooth performance
  • User-generated content support
  • Career mode with club finances
  • Local/online multiplayer

7. Soccer Manager 2023 – Data-Driven Soccer Strategy

For armchair managers seeking a blend of depth with modern flash, Soccer Manager 2023 hits the pitch overflowing with leagues, licensed players and immersive 3D visuals. This management sim goes beyond spreadsheet stats to let you experience the tense atmosphere of matchday in vivid detail.

Packing over 60 divisions from 16 countries at launch, Soccer Manager 2023 puts over 350,000 players at your tactical command. Comprehensive training, transfers, contracts, analytics and an immersive 3D match engine add to its realism. Hop into Quick Play mode if you‘d rather avoid the off-field intricacies as well.

Spreadsheet stats and percentages underpin every choice, so be prepared to embrace numbers. Do so and Soccer Manager 2023’s slick presentation layers accessible modern appeal onto its hardcore management.

Key Features:

  • 60+ divisions with 350K players
  • 3D match visuals
  • Manage training/tactics/transfers
  • Quick Play mode
  • Data-driven design

Which Soccer Video Game Should You Buy?

With such variety across modern and legacy soccer experiences on PC, deciding on the best game for your needs comes down to the type of experience you desire.

  • For the deepest management simulation in world football, Football Manager 2023 is the hands-down choice.
  • If you seek the latest officially licensed superstars and content, FIFA 23 delivers despite its impending rebrand.
  • For maximum on-pitch realism and challenge, eFootball 2023 showcases best-in-class player animation and physics.
  • Those craving unconventional, high velocity fun need look no further than Rocket League.
  • If retro gaming is more your speed, Sensible World of Soccer 2020 blends 90s magic with contemporary updates.
  • UFL shows promise as an upcoming free-to-play alternative once released.
  • Armchair managers who want depth with modern sheen should try Soccer Manager 2023.

Ultimately the best soccer video game comes down to aligning with your preferred gameplay style, budget and platform availability. Hopefully breaking down the strengths of each title makes picking your next virtual football obsession that little bit easier!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are any good soccer games available on PC?

Yes! As covered above, the PC has access to a variety of fantastic soccer video games for all interests ranging from hardcore management simulators to bombastic arcade-style soccer with rocket cars. PC also benefits from mods and other user-generated content to enhance experiences.

Should I buy FIFA 23 or eFootball 2023?

FIFA 23 wins out for official licensing and polish, while eFootball 2023 provides purer, more demanding on-pitch action. If you desire the realism of playing as authentic clubs and stars, go with FIFA 23. Those seeking uncompromising gameplay simulating the flow of real soccer should try eFootball 2023 instead.

What is the most realistic soccer video game?

Currently eFootball 2023 represents the pinnacle of realistic on-pitch gameplay, players and physics. However, generic teams pending official licensing hurt immersion currently.

Can I play soccer manager games offline?

Certain soccer management games support offline play, such as the single-player careers in Football Manager 2023 or Soccer Manager 2023. However, multiplayer focused manager games require online connectivity.