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4 Compelling Reasons to Buy a Streaming Device in 2023

Hey there! With so many streaming services to choose from these days, a streaming device is now an essential part of any home entertainment setup. But you may be wondering – why exactly should I buy one? Well, I‘ve got 4 great reasons for you. Read on to see why adding a streaming device should be at the top of your to-do list!

1. Save Big Money by Cutting the Cord

Let‘s start with the most obvious perk – streaming devices let you save a ton of money by cutting cable. The average cable bill now costs over $100 per month and continues to creep higher every year. But with a streaming device, you can ditch cable entirely and just pay for the streaming services you actually want.

Most streaming services cost between $5-$15 per month. Let‘s say you get Netflix ($15.49/month), Disney+ ($7.99/month), and Apple TV+ ($4.99/month). That‘s just $28.47 – over $70 less than the average cable bill! You‘ll get access to tons of movies, shows, and original content without breaking the bank.

According to a 2022 Accenture survey, 57% of consumers say streaming services are a better value than cable. AndAnalytics research found the average streaming subscriber saves $851 per year over cable. I don‘t know about you, but keeping nearly $1,000 extra dollars in my wallet every year sounds good to me!

2. Enjoy Unlimited On-Demand Content

Another major perk of streaming devices is the sheer amount of content available at your fingertips – we‘re talking about thousands of shows, movies, and more.

For example, Netflix offers over 3,500 movies and 2,000+ TV show options on their streaming service. And Netflix adds 1,500 hours of new original content every single month!

Amazon Prime Video boasts a library of over 20,000 titles to choose from. Hulu has over 85,000 episodes from thousands of shows. Even niche services like horror streamer Shudder offer hundreds of films to fans of that genre.

No cable package can match that extensive variety and depth of options. A streaming device lets you watch whatever you want, whenever you want, without flipping through channels or waiting for reruns. Game changer!

3. Make Any TV Smarter

One of the best things about streaming devices is that they make ANY television smarter. You don‘t need to buy the latest, expensive smart TV model to access streaming services.

You can add smart capabilities to older "dumb" TVs by simply plugging in a streaming device using the HDMI port. Models like the Roku Express and Amazon Fire Stick transform virtually any TV into a smart, connected entertainment hub.

According to Statista, there were over 40 million Americans still using dumb TVs as of 2022. But a streaming device offers an easy, affordable way to get streaming, apps, voice control and more – even on TVs over a decade old.

Plus, streaming devices often get more frequent software updates than many built-in smart TV platforms. So they help keep things up to date and add new features. It‘s genius!

4. It‘s Just So Darn Easy to Use!

Finally, streaming devices win big when it comes to simplicity and ease of use. They provide a smooth, intuitive watching experience for tech novices and experts alike.

Most streaming devices plug directly into your TV‘s HDMI port and connect to your WiFi network. The setup process is super quick and painless. For example, Roku promises you can "plug it in, connect to the internet, and start streaming in just minutes."

The interfaces are designed to be user-friendly. All your streaming apps appear in one place for easy access. You can quickly search across services to find content. And voice control features on remotes from Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and others make searching with your voice a breeze.

I don‘t know about you, but I find juggling multiple remotes and inputs on my TV to be a major annoyance. Streaming devices simplify things drastically. According to PCMag‘s latest streaming device satisfaction survey, over 70% of consumers find them very easy to use. Now that‘s what I call a streamlined viewing experience!

So in summary – streaming devices offer you money savings, unlimited content, smarter TV functionality, and killer convenience. With benefits like those, why wouldn‘t you want one? Here are some of the top streaming devices I recommend checking out:

  • Roku Streaming Stick 4K – Great performance with thousands of apps, voice remote under $50
  • Amazon Fire TV Cube – Alexa voice assistant built-in and acts as a hands-free hub forsmart home control
  • Apple TV 4K (latest model) – Seamless ecosystem for Apple users and impressive A12 Bionic processor
  • Google Chromecast – Affordable and intuitive casting from your mobile device

No matter which option you choose, streaming is the future. So grab yourself a streaming device and start watching smarter today! Let me know if you have any other questions.