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What Channel is TNT on DirecTV? Your 2023 Guide

Are you trying to find TNT on your DirecTV channel lineup? As one of cable‘s most popular networks for over 30 years, TNT offers action-packed sports, binge-worthy dramas, blockbuster movies, and more.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll give you everything you need to know to tune into TNT on DirecTV. You‘ll learn:

  • Exactly what channel TNT is on DirecTV
  • A brief history of TNT over the years
  • What types of programming you can watch on TNT today
  • Full details on TNT‘s sister channels also available on DirecTV
  • How to easily navigate DirecTV to find TNT

Let‘s get started!

What Channel is TNT on DirecTV?

TNT is located on channel 280 on all DirecTV channel lineups.

No matter what area you live in or what package you subscribe to, you can always find TNT on channel 280. It‘s been in that spot for years, so it‘s easy to remember.

Here‘s a quick glance at the key details:

  • Channel: 280
  • Network: TNT
  • Packages: Included in all DirecTV packages, from ENTERTAINMENT to PREMIER

So whenever you want to flip to TNT for sports, movies, shows, or just to see what‘s on, go straight to channel 280 on your DirecTV guide.

A Brief History of TNT

Let‘s take a quick trip back in time to see how TNT evolved into one of cable‘s powerhouse networks:

  • October 3, 1988: TNT (Turner Network Television) launches as the first ever basic cable network to offer old movies and TV shows 24 hours a day.
  • 1990s: TNT expands into sports by airing NBA games, NASCAR races, and WCW wrestling shows. Live sports help make TNT a top 10 cable network.
  • 2000s: TNT shifts focus to create original drama series like The Closer, Saving Grace, and Leverage. More hit shows follow.
  • 2010s: Sports remain a priority with NBA and MLB post-season games. TNT develops new dramas like Animal Kingdom and Snowpiercer.
  • Today: TNT balances live sports with syndicated reruns and limited originals. It retains high viewership, especially among the valuable 18-49 demographic.

Even as programming has evolved, TNT has been a cable TV staple, beloved for its sports coverage, gripping dramas, and big movie selection.

What‘s Currently Showing on TNT?

As of 2023, here‘s a closer look at the type of programming you‘ll find airing on TNT:


TNT is the #1 cable destination for exciting live sports action. Basketball remains a top priority with extensive NBA coverage:

  • 82 regular season NBA games
  • NBA All-Star events
  • NBA Playoffs (early rounds)

Plus, you can catch:

  • 70+ NHL regular season games
  • Select NCAA March Madness matchups
  • Wrestling from AEW Dynamite and AEW Rampage
  • MLS, UEFA, and other soccer

Compare month-by-month airings from 2022:

Month Live Sports Aired
January NHL, NBA, NCAA Basketball
February NBA, UEFA Champions League
March NBA, NHL, NCAA Basketball, UEFA Champions League
April NHL, NBA, NCAA Basketball
May NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs
June UEFA Nations League
July MLS
August UEFA Champions League
September UEFA Champions League, MLS
October UEFA Champions League, NHL, MLS
November NBA, NHL
December NBA, NHL

As you can see, TNT delivers tons of thrilling live matchups all year long!

Series & Shows

When sports aren‘t on, you can unwind with TNT‘s wide range of hit series and syndicated reruns airing in blocks and marathons. Just some examples:

  • Supernatural
  • Bones
  • Charmed (original and 2018 reboot)
  • NCIS: New Orleans
  • Law & Order
  • The Mentalist

Dramas and sci-fi dominate the schedule, but you may also find sitcom replays. Episodes air weeknights with multi-hour marathons on weekends.


Looking for the latest blockbusters and timeless classics? TNT Movies showcase fan favorites from across all genres, decades, and budgets. Expect minimal commercial interruptions so you don‘t miss the action.

Some recently aired film titles include:

  • Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
  • Rampage
  • Ant-Man
  • Avengers: Infinity War
  • Clash of the Titans

Original Series

While TNT has scaled back original premieres lately, they still produce exclusive new seasons of:

  • Animal Kingdom – This crime family drama stars Ellen Barkin and centers around the ruthless Cody clan‘s criminal antics in Southern California.
  • Snowpiercer – Set in a post-apocalyptic ice age, survivors live on a perpetually moving train divided by class wars and social injustice.

Reruns of older TNT hits like Claws, The Alienist, and The Last Ship also air occasionally.

TNT Sister Channels on DirecTV

Thanks to TNT‘s ownership under Warner Bros. Discovery, DirecTV customers also get access to many TNT sister channels, including:

Channel DirecTV Channel Number Description
Animal Planet 282 Wildlife, pets, conservation
Cartoon Network 296 or 297 Beloved kids cartoons
Cinemax 515 or 516 Hollywood movies & originals
CNN 202 24/7 live news & analysis
Discovery Channel 278 Science, nature, real-life docs
Food Network 231 Cooking shows & culinary game shows
HBO 501 or 504 Prestige original series & blockbusters
HGTV 229 Home renovation & real estate
TBS 247 Comedy series, movies, sports
TLC 280 Lifestyle reality shows
truTV 246 Offbeat reality programs

DirecTV assigns East or West channel numbers based on your location. But however you access them, these networks offer incredible variety when combined with TNT.

A few highlights:

  • Animal Planet – Get your fix of cute pets and amazing wildlife. Popular programs include The Zoo, Crikey! It‘s the Irwins, and Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet.
  • Cartoon Network – Enjoy classic Looney Tunes shorts or current favorites like Adventure Time, Teen Titans Go!, The Amazing World of Gumball, and more.
  • Cinemax – Cinemax broadcasts hit Hollywood movies and some wild original series like Outcast, Strike Back, and Banshee.
  • CNN – Stay informed 24/7 with live breaking news and analysis on CNN. Notable personalities include Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Jake Tapper, and Wolf Blitzer.
  • Food Network – Satisfy your cravings and get inspired with Food Network‘s cooking competitions, recipe shows, and culinary game shows hosted by stars like Guy Fieri.
  • HBO – Home to award-winning, buzzworthy original series like Game of Thrones, Euphoria, Succession, The White Lotus, and House of the Dragon. Plus new movies every month.

Mix and match your favorites from 30+ top channels – all accessible when you get DirecTV!

How to Find TNT on Your DirecTV Lineup

Ready to start watching TNT? Here is the easiest way to tune in:

  1. Pick up your DirecTV remote and select the Guide button. This pulls up an on-screen channel guide.
  2. Use the arrow keys to scroll through the guide until you find channel 280 for TNT.
  3. Push the Select button to immediately tune to the TNT live broadcast.

You can also enter 280 directly using the number keys if you already know the channel. And consider adding TNT to your customizable Favorites list for one-click access anytime.

Now you can enjoy all the nonstop entertainment options TNT provides! Between live sports, popular series, hit movies, and more, TNT has something thrilling for every mood.

So grab the remote and start watching on channel 280 today!