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ESPN+: Your Complete Guide to ESPN‘s Streaming Service

ESPN+ has become an invaluable resource for sports fans looking to stream live games, original programming, and on-demand content from a huge variety of sports leagues, teams, and events. With so much to offer at a reasonable price point, it‘s no wonder millions have already signed up.

But what exactly is ESPN+, and how does it work? This comprehensive guide will give you a detailed breakdown of everything you need to know.

What is ESPN+?

ESPN+ is a standalone streaming subscription service owned by Disney that provides users access to live and on-demand sports content for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

It features thousands of live games and events every year from leagues like the NHL, MLS, MLB, PGA Tour, WTA Tour, College Sports, Rugby, Cricket and more. There is also an extensive on-demand library with ESPN original series, films, and studio shows.

Importantly, ESPN+ does not include access to the ESPN TV Channel. So events like Monday Night Football, NBA games broadcast on ESPN networks, and SportsCenter would require a separate cable package.

ESPN+ fills in the gaps, broadcasting tons of games and competitions that don‘t make it on TV while also producing high-quality original programming.

ESPN watching hockey

Some key ESPN+ statistics:

  • 1,000+ live out-of-market games from MLB, NHL, MLS per year
  • 1,500+ live college sports events annually
  • 12+ major UFC PPV events included
  • 125+ days of golf majors coverage
  • 100+ different sports leagues and events
  • Thousands of hours of on-demand shows, films and programs

This huge volume of content keeps fans engaged year-round while accessing events not available on TV.

Key Features and Benefits

Here are some of the most important benefits ESPN+ offers sports fans:

  • Live Out-of-Market MLB, NHL and MLS Games: Follow your favorite teams with live, out-of-market regular season matchups
  • UFC PPV Events: Get access to 12+ exclusive, annual UFC Pay-Per-View events
  • 30 for 30 Documentaries: An on-demand library of award-winning sports films and docuseries
  • International Soccer: Hundreds of live games per year from LaLiga, Bundesliga, FA Cup and more
  • Original Shows: Popular ESPN+ originals like Peyton‘s Places, Detail with Kobe Bryant, NBA Today, Soccer Today and much more
  • College Sports: 1500+ live events annually from College Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Soccer, Track & Field, Gymnastics and more

And this just scratches the surface. From golf majors to tennis grand slams, there‘s a huge breadth of live sports coverage.

The on-demand library also holds thousands of hours of premium content to watch anytime.

Customized Viewing Experience

The ESPN+ interface provides sports fans a customizable viewing experience across devices. Elements like:

  • Multiple Profiles: Personalized watchlists and recommendations for up to 5 viewer profiles per account. Great for households.
  • Watchlists: Bookmark events and shows to track when live or added to the on-demand catalog. Prevent missing favorites.
  • Personalized Hubs: Tailored homepages for your favorite sports and teams based on viewing history and favorites selected.
  • Enhanced Controls: Pause, rewind and replay live events just like DVR thanks to Replay View. Rewatch key moments.
  • Multi-Cam: Switch seamless between multiple camera feeds during some live events for alternate perspectives.
  • Picture-in-Picture: Multi-task with a mini player when browsing other content.

These features let viewers optimize and customize their ESPN+ experience.

espn plus multiple streams

ESPN+ also grants access to insider premium articles, analyst reports and betting advice helping inform your fandom.

How to Sign Up for ESPN+

Ready to enjoy all that ESPN+ has to offer? Signing up is quick and easy.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to or download the ESPN App
  2. Click "Get ESPN+"
  3. Select your preferred plan (Monthly or Annual)
  4. Create Your ESPN Account by entering your email address and creating a password
  5. Enter payment details
  6. Start watching! Access ESPN+ on your mobile device, computer, smart TV or streaming device.

espn plus signup

And that‘s it! Within minutes you can be streaming live sports events, checking out original shows, and exploring the extensive on-demand library.

The sign up process leverages secure protocols like HTTPS, SSL encryption and two-factor authentication to protect sensitive personal information entered during account creation.

Supported Devices and Platforms

A major benefit of ESPN+ is accessibility across a wide range of devices and platforms, making it easy to watch anywhere.

You can enjoy ESPN+ on:

  • Mobile Devices: Android and Apple phones & tablets via the ESPN app
  • Computers: Watch on your browser at
  • Smart TVs: Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, Roku
  • Game Consoles: PlayStation, Xbox
  • ESPN Networks: Access via TV Everywhere apps with qualifying cable subscription

No cable box required! As long as you have an internet connection, you can take ESPN+ anywhere and never miss a game.

Advanced streaming protocols like HLS and MPEG-DASH optimize playback across platforms. ESPN+ also leverages Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) like Edgecast that distribute streams globally from local cache servers, reducing buffering.

Streaming Video Quality

Users can stream ESPN+ programming in high-quality HD video. Live streamed content can be delivered in resolutions up to 1080p Full HD depending on your device and internet speeds.

Here‘s a breakdown of video quality levels available:

Quality Resolution Bitrate
Basic 420p 600 Kbps
Medium 720p 1.2 Mbps
High 1080p 3 Mbps

With a minimum internet download speed of 5 Mbps, the medium quality offers smooth, highly watchable 720p resolution. For best quality 1080p streaming, 10+ Mbps speeds are recommended.

Picture quality is very strong, comparable to cable TV. Crisp, vivid colors and sharp definition make it easy to follow live sports action.

Consistency and reliability are also hallmarks of the service. ESPN+ achieves excellent stream availability upwards of 99.9% uptime based on internal testing.

Data and Activity Logs

The ESPN+ platform also empowers fans with data, tracking a variety of statistics on viewing history and engagement.

Under Account Settings, the platform provides activity logs showing:

  • Number of days engaged
  • Total hours streamed
  • Listing of specific events watched
  • Charts summarizing content categories

These logs serve a dual purpose. They increase transparency around usage patterns to help manage subscriptions. The insights also assist ESPN+ editors understanding true fan interests.

espn plus viewing stats

Views metrics inform programming and content investment decisions. The data ultimately helps shape service improvements.

Account Management

ESPN+ also offers viewers robust account management capabilities. This includes functionality like:

  • Password Recovery: Simple automated process via email to reset credentials
  • Parental Controls: Ability to restrict mature content and set maximum rating levels
  • Concurrent Streams: Transfer active streams between devices
  • Billing Details: Update payment data and transaction history
  • Cancel/Pause Subscription: Option to temporarily pause service as needed

Responsible account controls allow subscribers flexibility over their membership.

ESPN+ vs. Other Sports Streaming Services

So how does ESPN+ compare to other major sports streaming options? Here‘s a quick rundown:

  • vs Peacock: Peacock focuses on NBC networks and Premier League soccer. ESPN+ offers a wider variety of live sports.
  • vs Paramount+: Paramount+ has some soccer and NFL games. ESPN+ provides vastly more comprehensive live sports coverage.
  • vs Sling TV: Sling Orange/Blue offers live ESPN channels. ESPN+ provides complementary live events/originals the channels don‘t air.
  • vs NBA League Pass/MLB.TV: These league-specific packages offer more games for superfans. ESPN+ provides access to many leagues.

For most sports fans, ESPN+ strikes the perfect balance of affordability, breadth of content, and ease of use.

espn plus comparison

ESPN+ Sports Content Library

Sport Rights Holder Est. Hours Yearly
MLB 30+ Game/Week 500+
MLS 130+ Game/Year 650+
NHL 100+ Game/Year 500+
College Sports 25+ Live Events/Week 1,250+
PGA Tour / Masters 125+ Day Coverage 500+
Grand Slam Tennis 130+ Match Coverage 650+
LaLiga Soccer 380+ Match Coverage 1,900+
UFC Content 300+ Hour Library 300+
30 for 30 85+ Films 255+
Original Shows 25+ Titles 300+

Enjoy Top Sports Leagues and Events

Let‘s take a closer look at some of the top sports leagues, teams, and events covered by ESPN+:

Major League Baseball

Catch live out-of-market MLB games all regular season long. You‘ll also find premium original programs like Peyton‘s Places, Detail with Kobe Bryant, and mlre documentaries.

espn baseball

With ESPN+‘s follow your team feature, MLB fans can catch games nationwide no matter where they live. Restaurant, bar or bedroom? Stream baseball endlessly.

National Hockey League

Follow your out-of-market NHL team through the regular season and playoffs. ESPN+ also has you covered with NHL news programs and documentaries like Road to the NHL Winter Classic.

ESPN plus hockey

From the rush of overtime goals, big hits and miraculous saves, hockey makes for thrilling viewing. ESPN+ brings the best of the NHL direct to your screens.

College Sports

With live coverage of 40+ NCAA sports across 100+ conferences and championships, ESPN+ is a college sports lover‘s dream.

espn college football

No student section or tailgate required. Experience the traditions, school spirit, iconic venues and student-athletes striving for excellence from anywhere.


UFC fans can purchase 12+ huge annual pay-per-view events like McGregor vs. Poirier directly through the ESPN+ platform.

UFC fight ESPN plus

From pre-fight analysis shows to fighter interviews, press conferences and weigh-ins, ESPN+ is your ticket to unprecedented MMA access all year.

And this just scratches the surfaces of soccer leagues, golf/tennis tournaments, cricket matches and more also broadcast on ESPN+.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common ESPN+ membership questions:

How many devices can stream ESPN+ simultaneously?

ESPN+ allows 3 concurrent streams per account. So 3 people can be watching at the same time.

Can I share my ESPN+ account?

ESPN+ does not prohibit account sharing between people in the same household. But widespread sharing of login credentials is forbidden.

Does ESPN+ allow offline viewing?

Unfortunately ESPN+ does not currently support offline downloads of content to watch in areas without an internet connection. A constant connection is required.

What internet speed do I need for ESPN+?

5 Mbps is the recommended minimum bandwidth to stream ESPN+ effectively, but faster speeds(10+ mbps) are ideal for the best performance.

What UFC Pay-Per-Views are included?

You‘ll gain access to 12 big annual UFC PPV events. However, the very biggest fights may require an additional $79.99 fee.

espn plus devices

Unlock a World of Sports

Whether you want to cheer on your favorite MLB team, watch nail-biting UFC events, follow emerging soccer stars, or dig into the vast on-demand library, ESPN+ brings a ton of value.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today to unlock a world of live sports, original programming, and premium content for one low monthly fee. Just $9.99 per month or $99.99 annually opens the door to endless entertainment.

Go to now to get started on your 7-day free trial and start streaming ESPN+ today!