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The Ultimate Guide to Streaming Paramount Plus on Roku

Over 30 million households now stream shows, movies and more everyday through Roku devices. With the launch of Paramount Plus in 2021, Roku users gained access to even more entertainment options from this rapidly expanding streaming service.

But how exactly does Paramount Plus perform on Roku streaming sticks and set-top boxes? What steps are needed to get Paramount Plus running on your Roku TV? And what makes the Roku + Paramount Plus combination so compelling compared to alternatives?

As a home technology expert, I‘ve explored everything this pairing offers across hundreds of hours streaming the Paramount Plus service through various Roku devices. Here is my in-depth guide on how to get Paramount Plus set up on Roku, along with pro tips to get the best experience.

The Rise of Roku as a Streaming Platform

First, let‘s recap the Roku origin story and how it has become a streaming leader.

Founded in 2002, Roku aimed to make it easy for consumers to cut the cord from expensive cable TV packages by affordabley accessing internet entertainment on their TVs.

Roku launched their first streaming box in 2008, in the very early days of cord cutting. The novel idea of getting Netflix and later Hulu on your TV without a cable subscription resonated.

Over the next decade, Roku rapidly iterated with new models as video quality improved from SD to HD and 4K. Meanwhile, the Roku Channel Store (now called Roku TV) expanded to offer more top-tier streaming apps.

As monthly cable bills grew while content libraries shrank, more viewers embraced Roku as an alternative. When modern 4K HDR Roku boxes and Roku smart TVs emerged around 2016, adoption truly took off.

Per Roku‘s Q4 2022 letter to shareholders, they estimate 1 in 3 smart TVs sold in the U.S today come with Roku‘s software platform built-in. Over 70 million monthly active Roku accounts now stream everything from Netflix to HBO Max to Peacock.

The affordability, ease of use and breadth of apps make Roku a go-to option for both cord cutters and cord nevers. Streaming has opened unlimited entertainment options that cable can no longer compete with.

And with the addition of Paramount Plus to Roku in 2021, tens of millions of Roku homes can now enjoy this rapidly growing service as well.

The Explosive Growth of Paramount Plus

Movie studio giant Paramount Pictures has produced iconic films since 1912. Over a century later, Paramount Pictures along with media conglomerate ViacomCBS leveraged their wealth of intellectual property to launch a major streaming play.

After acquiring early streaming pioneer Pluto TV in 2019, ViacomCBS saw an opportunity to compete directly with Netflix, HBO Max and Disney+ in the booming digital entertainment era. On March 4, 2021, Paramount Plus officially launched in the U.S and Latin America.

The service combined shows and movies from across Viacom cable brands – CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon – together under one on-demand streaming umbrella. Plus Paramount Plus exclusives and originals you won‘t find elsewhere.

After hitting 20 million subscribers less than a year after launch, Paramount announced a new goal to reach 100 million global streaming subscribers by 2024. investment firm MoffettNathanson predicts Paramount Plus could reach up to 85 million subscribers just in North America alone by 2025.

This growth will likely be fueled by Paramount Plus‘s recent expansion into Europe as well as launches planned for India and other major international markets like Australia later this year.

Not to mention Paramount‘s treasure chest of established franchises poised to spawn new shows or movies exclusively for Paramount Plus, from Star Trek and Mission:Impossible to Spongebob Squarepants and South Park.

Here at home, Paramount Plus‘s accessibility on major streaming platforms like Roku ensures this mountain of entertainment is instantly available to the widest range of U.S viewers.

Why Paramount Plus Streaming Shines on Roku

Given Roku‘s popularity across the U.S and Paramount Plus‘s impressive growth, this pairing clearly offers big advantages. But what specifically makes streaming Paramount Plus through Roku so compelling?

Straightforward Set-Up

Getting Paramount Plus installed is no more difficult than adding any streaming channel on Roku. Compared to platforms like Fire TV, apps integrate seamlessly. Within minutes of creating your Paramount Plus account, you can start browsing movies.

Intuitive Navigation

Roku‘s interface keeps things simple by spotlighting different categories of movies and shows. The home page will automatically populate with recommendations based on your viewing history and interests, while tabs along the top make discovery straightforward.

Robust Device Support

Whether you own a new 4K Roku streaming stick or an older Roku 2 box, Paramount Plus is supported across Roku‘s entire device ecosystem. The app also works smoothly across Roku smart TV models from budget brands to high-end OLED TVs.

Optimizations for Large Libraries

With tens of thousands of movies & shows under one roof, filtering and managing Paramount Plus content libraries poses challenges. But Roku OS includes AI-driven features that learn your preferences to serve up smarter recommendations the more you watch.

Cross-Device Streaming

Thanks to Paramount Plus compatibility with Roku‘s mobile apps, you can seamlessly pick up shows in progress between TV viewing and your phone or tablet without missing a beat.

No Streaming Quality Compromises

While keeping costs down, Roku devices offer full support for 4K HDR to maximize streaming picture quality. Paramount Plus looks stunning in Ultra HD resolution on a compatible TV.

Reviewing technical specifications, streaming Paramount Plus on Roku leaves zero quality compromises:

  • Up to 4K HDR video output
  • Dolby Vision and HDR10 high dynamic range
  • HLG HDR support
  • Dolby Atmos three-dimensional audio

That checks every box to unlock Paramount Plus‘s best streaming quality tier on a modern television.

Free Ad-Supported Content

Alongside the deep library of shows, movies and sports available through your Paramount Plus subscription, Roku devices give you access to 10,000+ movies free on the ad-supported Roku Channel.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Paramount Plus on Roku

Ready to unlock access to Paramount Plus‘s unmatched combination of entertainment classics and brand new originals?

I‘ll walk through getting up and running with Paramount Plus on your Roku streaming player, Roku smart TV or Roku mobile app in 3 simple steps:

1. Add the Paramount Plus Channel

Press the home button on your Roku remote and select the Roku Channel tile (or search for “Paramount Plus”). This will bring you to the Paramount Plus channel page. Select “Add Channel” and Paramount Plus will install just like any other streaming app from the Roku Channel Store.

Once installed, look for the new Paramount Plus icon on your Roku Home Screen.

Tip: You can also add streaming channels and manage subscriptions by visiting from a laptop or mobile device. Sign into your Roku account for remote app installation.

2. Sign Up for Paramount Plus

After launching the newly installed Paramount Plus channel, select from the following options:

  • Start Your Free Trial – Get full free access for 7 days before deciding whether to subscribe. Just enter a payment method to enable the free trial before it begins billing monthly.

  • See Special Deals – If any discounted offers are available for new Paramount Plus subscribers, they will be advertised here.

  • Get Started – Choose one of the ongoing paid subscription plans, either limited commercials ($4.99 per month) or commercial free ($9.99 per month). If you already subscribe to Paramount Plus, simply sign in.

Roku‘s billing integration enables seamless Paramount Plus sign up by pulling your Roku account details to auto-populate information. After creating Paramount Plus credentials via your on-screen Roku keyboard, pick a monthly plan to complete registration.

And that‘s it! Within a minute or two you will be signed into Paramount Plus and ready to start streaming.

3. Begin Streaming Paramount Plus

The Paramount Plus home screen offers quick access to keep watching currently airing shows or the latest movies you‘ve been enjoying. Horizontal menus provide additional browsing options:

  • Recommended For You – A personalized selection of TV shows and movies based on your previous Paramount Plus viewing as well as Roku streaming habits. The recommendation algorithm gets smarter over time.

  • Trending Live TV – Popular sports, news and other live programming airing now.

  • Categories – Quick access tiles to Paramount Plus content grouped into genres like comedy, drama, reality & kids. Dig deeper with additional browse filters.

  • Sports – Upcoming games and events available live or on-demand depending on your Paramount Plus subscription tier.

  • Movies – Hundreds of popular films, new theatrical releases, classics, comedies and more.

  • Series – Binge full seasons of hit Paramount Network and CBS shows past and present.

Use the search function or keep scrolling down through category rows like Peak Animation and The Mountain to discover additional movies and shows.

When you find something that catches your eye, simply click the title tile then press play! Adjust streaming quality settings in your account depending on internet speeds. And consider enhancements like surround sound or 4K to maximize streaming immersion.

Now enjoy unlimited on-demand entertainment spanning Paramount Plus‘s entire catalog on your terms. Check out their growing slate of Paramount Plus original exclusives next!

Paramount Plus Roku Streaming: Tips for the Best Experience

Once Paramount Plus is set up on your Roku device, what settings tweaks, accessories or steps can further optimize streaming? Here are my top recommendations:

Enable Surround Sound

While Roku devices support stereo audio out of the box, connecting your Roku Stick or set-top box to a decent surround sound system unlocks a far superior cinematic listening experience.

Navigate to Settings > Audio > Surround Sound to enable multi-channel audio output to an AV receiver, soundbar or speaker setup. Take your Paramount Plus viewing immersion to the next level!

Adjust Roku Streaming Quality

Tailor streaming visual quality to your TV capabilities, available internet bandwidth and preference between quality and buffering.

In Settings > Expert Picture Settings, manually cap video output to 480p SD, 720p HD, 1080p Full HD or 4K UHD based on your situation. Set adjust streaming bitrate as well.

Toggle Closed Captions

Roku makes activating subtitles or closed captions for Paramount Plus streaming simple. Just head to Settings > Captions Mode > On. Many additional customization options exist as well for caption text size, color and more based on personal reading speed or visibility needs.

Connect Wired Ethernet

While Roku boxes work great over Wi-Fi, Wired Ethernet connectivity enables the fastest, most reliable 4K HDR streaming year-round. If your router is nearby, plug your Player or Smart TV in with an Ethernet cable.

Add Streaming Channels

Check Roku‘s Channel Store for additional entertainment apps that may complement Paramount Plus for more comprehensive streaming. Great picks include Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video, Hulu and niche services like MHz Choice for foreign films.

Enable Private Listening

Roku devices support private listening over headphones connected to the mobile app or certain remotes. This lets you enjoy late night viewing without disturbing other household members. Enable under Settings > Privacy > Private Listening.

Via Roku OS settings or accessories like surround speaker systems, boosting audio visual immersion takes streaming Paramount Plus shows, movies and sports on Roku to the next level.

Expert Streaming Device Pick: Roku Streaming Stick 4K

While Paramount Plus runs smoothly across Roku‘s entire streaming device ecosystem, I recommend one model in particular to unlock the service‘s maximum streaming quality:

The Roku Streaming Stick 4K offers an unbeatable balance of affordability, portability and performance. For under $50, it streams Paramount Plus in sharp 4K resolution plus vibrant HDR color.

This stick hides completely behind the TV for a clean install. The included voice remote makes searching titles effortless. And built-in Wi-Fi 6 wireless enables smooth streaming even in 4K.

For AirPlay support or a non-4K TV, the HD-only Roku Streaming Stick+ makes an excellent alternate pick with nearly identical features for under $40.

But those eager to enjoy Paramount Plus‘s UHD film remasters or shows shot natively in 4K will want to choose the Roku Streaming Stick 4K for flawless future-proof streaming. It brings Paramount Plus movies and shows to life!

Paramount Plus on Roku Reviewed: The Verdict

Across days of hands-on testing and streaming, I‘m blown away by what the Paramount Plus and Roku combo unlocks for sheer entertainment value.

The streaming quality proves outstanding even in 4K HDR across internet connections from 30mbps cable to gigabit fiber. And new movies or shows are always being added to keep Paramount Plus fresh.

While Roku can‘t rewind live content as fluidly as competitors, their platform makes discovery simple. Performance feels snappy switching between tabs or streaming titles even on a budget smart TV.

Factor in the affordability of Roku streaming devices – plus the included Roku mobile app enabling out-of-home streaming – and this package offers unlimited at-home entertainment at extraordinary value.

For viewers eager to cancel cable TV without sacrificing variety of premium programming, Paramount Plus on Roku finally provides a compelling alternative. I strongly recommend current cable subscribers give this streaming service / hardware combo an extended test drive during the free trial period.

The streamlined Roku software and immense Paramount Plus libraries will make cord cutting an easy choice. Start watching your favorite movies, shows, live sports and more with this can‘t-miss streaming bundle!