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The Ultimate Guide to Streaming FuboTV on Samsung Smart TVs

An Expert‘s Perspective on Setup, Usage and Troubleshooting

The advent of live streaming TV services like FuboTV, YouTube TV, Sling TV and more are giving cord cutters a viable alternative to overpriced cable/satellite subscriptions. As per recent reports, over 5.1 million American homes have adopted live TV streaming, and the numbers are growing daily.

FuboTV Streaming Stats

The reasons are obvious:

  1. Lower monthly charges compared to cable (average of $60 per month)
  2. Access to popular live channels across sports, news, shows and movies
  3. Cloud DVR to record content and watch it later
  4. Flexibility to watch on laptops, mobiles and TVs seamlessly
  5. Add-on premium networks like Showtime or Starz as per your preference

While the shift away from traditional TV is thus accelerating, most consumers are confused by the sheer number of providers out there. FuboTV is one such service that stands out from the crowd, especially for sports fans. It offers niche sports coverage spanning soccer, baseball, basketball and more.

That‘s why I have curated this guide to get FuboTV setup on modern-day entertainment centers – Samsung Smart TVs. With their beautifully vivid displays backed by Tizen smart functionality, Samsung TVs and FuboTV make an unbeatable combination!

Understanding FuboTV

Allow me to provide more context on FuboTV‘s capabilities by breaking down some of its key aspects:

Sports Galore

FuboTV started out in 2015 as a soccer streaming service for US fans to watch international leagues and tournaments. Since then, they have expanded into other sports:

FuboTV Sports

With NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and more covered along withmarquee soccer properties – FuboTV is a sports fanatic‘s delight. Even niche sports like cycling, rugby and lacrosse have dedicated channels.

You also get local regional networks based on your location such as NBC Sports Chicago or NESN covering pro teams from those areas.

News and Entertainment

Beyond sports, FuboTV offers 40+ top news and entertainment channels on their base subscription:

FuboTV Channels

From news authorities to general entertainment, movie channels to kid-friendly content – all popular genres are included. The exact channel list does vary by local region.

There is something for everybody in the family to enjoy!

Flexible Packages

FuboTV knows one size does not fit all viewing preferences. Which is why they offer tiered pricing so you get only the channels you actually need:

Package Monthly Price Channels Screens DVR
Pro $69.99 124 10 1,000 hours
Elite $84.99 178 10 1,000 hours
Ultimate $99.99 214 10 1,000 hours

As outlined in the table above, you can choose the right balance between programming selection and budget via Pro, Elite and Ultimate packages.

Supported Streaming Devices

FuboTV delivers consistent quality with broad device support:

FuboTV Devices

Given the service origins on mobile and laptops, you get specialized apps with full-featured access across Android phones, iPhones, iPads, Macs and Windows PCs.

And popular TV streaming platforms like Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV and off course Samsung Smart TVs are covered too!

Reasons Why Samsung and FuboTV Play Well Together

Samsung has been at the forefront of smart TV innovation over the past decade. As of Q3 2022, Samsung TVs accounted for 31% market share globally, well ahead of competitors:

Global TV Share

And with their latest advancements like QD-OLED and MicroLED displays, along with the intuitive Tizen software platform, Samsung Smart TVs offer the perfect stage for streaming services.

Let‘s discuss key synergies that make FuboTV an ideal match for modern Samsung TV models:

Superb Picture Quality

Thanks to industry-leading panel technology leveraging Quantum Dots for amplified color and brightness – Samsung‘s 4K and 8K TVs render FuboTV‘s sports and entertainment content with jaw-dropping clarity.

Whether it is the brilliant greens of a football field or the gleaming skycrapers of a city flyover sequence – Samsung‘s displays turn content into an immersive visual treat!

Smooth Streaming Experience

With ethernet/Wi-Fi 6 connectivity plus optimizations like auto low latency mode, Samsung TVs offer reliable and lag-free video playback. This is crucial for live programming across sports and news which is sensitive to choppiness.

FuboTV‘s well-designed apps complement Samsung‘s hardware perfectly to enable stutter-free streams across resolutions.

Universal Browse/Search

Instead of having to openmultiple streaming service apps to find something to watch, the Universal Guide on Samsung TVs brings content from various providers under one simple interface.

You can conveniently discover FuboTV‘s live channel listings and recordings alongside content from Netflix, Prime Video etc via one guide. Very handy!

Smart Control

Samsung offers multiple ways including voice to operate their Smart TVs. This frees you from button presses while navigating FuboTV:

  • Use Bixby voice commands to open the app, play favorite channels or schedule recordings
  • Leverage mobile apps to stream personalized recommendations from your phone to TV

This hands-free control enhances the viewing experience.

Signing Up for FuboTV

With the background context covered, let‘s get into the specifics of getting FuboTV running on your Samsung TV.

The process involves 3 simple steps:

  1. Install the FuboTV app from the Samsung Smart Hub
  2. Sign-up for a subscription plan directly within the TV app
  3. Stream live channels and configure preferences

I‘ll expand on each of these steps in more detail across the following sections using illustrations and tips from my own setup.

Step 1 – Installing the FuboTV Samsung TV App

The FuboTV application is conveniently available on Samsung‘s Smart Hub app store.

To install:

  1. Using your Samsung TV remote, press the Home button to bring up the main screen
  2. Navigate left to access the Apps panel
  3. Select Search and type in "FuboTV"
  4. Choose the FuboTV app from results and click Install

That‘s it! The app will now download and add itself to your Samsung Smart Hub for quick access later.

Here is a quick visual summary:

Install FuboTV Samsung TV

With the FuboTV app installed, it‘s now time to sign-up for a subscription account.

Step 2 – Signing Up for a FuboTV Account

You have 3 packages to choose from based on sports interests, required channels and monthly budget:

Plan Price Per Month
Pro $69.99
Elite $84.99
Ultimate $99.99

When ready, open the FuboTV app from Samsung‘s Smart Hub, select your preferred package and enter the account details:

FuboTV Signup

Information needed during signup:

  • Email address
  • Account password
  • Zip code
  • Payment method

And that‘s it! FuboTV will instantly activate allowing you to stream live TV in a matter of seconds.

Step 3 – Streaming Live TV Channels

Once logged into your FuboTV account, you can start streaming live TV across 100+ sports, news and entertainment channels.

The FuboTV user interface makes it very convenient to find popular programming:

FuboTV Samsung TV Streaming

  • Scroll left/right to access channel categories and favorites
  • Click on a live channel icon to instantly start streaming
  • Use the Guide to view current and upcoming programs
  • Scheduled DVR recordings appear under My Stuff

And with support for multiple user profiles, everyone in the household can build their own watchlist!

4K HDR on Samsung TVs

If you have a compatible Samsung TV supporting 4K resolution along with HDR, FuboTV automatically streams matching content in ultra high definition picture quality.

This includes select live sports from leagues like the NFL and Premier League Soccer. The brighter highlights and expanded colors enabled by HDR contrast nicely against Samsung QLED/Neo QLED TVs Quantum Dot technology.

Truly a stellar pairing for sports fans!

Customizing Your Experience

Beyond just streaming live channels, FuboTV offers personalization features that make it feel like your own virtual cable box:

FuboTV Preferences

From scheduled DVR recordings to favorite channels lists – tailor FuboTV to match your preferences.

Multi View on Samsung TVs

Samsung‘s excellent Multi View mode allows displaying two inputs simultaneously in a split screen layout. This opens creative ways to use FuboTV:

  • Watch two live sporting events at once side-by-side
  • Stream FuboTV on one half while browsing channels on the other
  • Cast your mobile screen to the TV while cable channels play in the background

FuboTV complements Samsung‘s Multi View beautifully especially during busy sports seasons!

Smart Assistant Integration

FuboTV voice commands are supported on Samsung Smart TVs via Bixby along with Google Assistant and Alexa devices:

FuboTV Voice Commands

  • Use Bixby to open FuboTV, play a channel or schedule recordings
  • Ask Google Assistant to search Fubo guide and stream sports highlights

This hands-free voice control takes convenience to the next level!

And by linking your Samsung account with SmartThings, FuboTV can be added to IoT routines. For example, have live news automatically start 10 minutes after your wake-up alarm in the morning!

Troubleshooting Problems & Issues

While apps crashes or video buffering is rare on Samsung‘s optimized Smart TV firmware, I wanted to cover some best practices:

Optimizing Internet Connectivity

Since FuboTV relies on streaming, start by evaluating your Wi-Fi or ethernet connection:

  • Ensure router firmware is updated and broadcasting at 5Ghz frequency
  • If using Wi-Fi, place TV in sightline for best signal. Or connect ethernet cable directly.
  • Run a speed test. 25 Mbps ideal for HD and higher speeds for 4K streaming
  • Reboot the router and TV to apply updates if connectivity problems still persist

Adjusting FuboTV Video Quality

Insufficient internet speeds will manifest as choppy video or buffering. Fix by lowering quality under Fubo settings:

FuboTV Video Quality

  • Change max video resolution to 720p or 1080p from 4K
  • Disable HDR as increased brightness requires more bandwidth
  • Pick a lower Data Usage profile which compresses the stream

I recommend starting around 3-5 Mbps speeds as that supports reliable 1080p video.

Software Troubleshooting

Like any app, bugs or crashes can cause problems. Follow these steps before contacting support:

  1. Close and restart the FuboTV app
  2. Refresh the app cache by long pressing the mic button on Samsung TV remote, clearing cache and restarting
  3. If issues continue, uninstall and reinstall the FuboTV app

Also helpful is power cycling your TV and router to flush out any persisted glitches.

And as a last resort, perform factory reset on the TV itself to clean out any problematic data. Just be sure to backup your custom settings first!

Wrapping Up

I hope this detailed walkthrough gives cord cutters the right guidance on embracing FuboTV for affordable live TV paired with Samsung‘s stellar smart TV capabilities like brilliant Quantum Dot 4K displays and Bixby integration.

If you are still stuck incable/satellite subscriptions costing north of $100 each month, free yourself into streaming‘s greener pastures with this dynamic combination!

Feel free to comment any questions, tips or suggestions you may have around FuboTV and Samsung TVs which I‘d be happy to help with. Stay tuned for more tech guides coming your way soon. Happy streaming!