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How to Use Spoiler Tags on Discord (A Simple Guide)

Have you ever had the ending of a great game, movie, or TV show ruined for you by an untagged spoiler in a Discord chat? I feel your pain. Spoilers are the worst when you aren‘t ready for them.

But don‘t worry! Discord has a handy spoiler tag system so you can avoid destroying someone‘s entertainment experience accidentally.

In this guide, I‘ll explain exactly how to use spoiler tags on desktop and mobile Discord apps. I‘ll also share some best practices for spoiler etiquette.

Let‘s dive in!

What Are Discord Spoiler Tags?

First, what exactly are spoiler tags?

Spoiler tags allow you to cover text that contains spoilers, hiding the details until someone clicks or taps the tagged message. This keeps you from ruining surprises for others who aren‘t as far into a game, book, show, or movie as you are.

According to Discord, tags are a courtesy tool to allow fans to safely discuss entertainment on their platform. The company reported having over 150 million active users in 2021, so that‘s a lot of potential spoilers without tags!

When Should You Use Spoiler Tags on Discord?

Since everybody consumes content at different paces, it‘s hard to put an exact expiration date on spoilers. But here are some general guidelines on when to use tags:

  • Newly released games, movies, books, etc. – Use tags liberally even for minor spoilers.

  • Content less than 1-2 years old – Tag major plot points and twists.

  • Extremely popular franchises – Use tags for several years as new fans join.

  • Speculation about future releases – Tag theories just to err on the safe side.

If you aren‘t sure if something needs a tag, just add one. The moderators of a Discord channel will let you know if spoiler usage is too excessive.

How to Enable Spoiler Tags on Discord

Before you can start adding spoiler tags in chats, you need to enable the feature in your Discord settings:

  1. Click your profile icon in the lower left corner, then choose User Settings.
  2. Select Text & Images from the left menu.
  3. Under Show Spoiler Content, choose On Click to keep text hidden until tapped.

With tags enabled, you‘re ready to start adding them to messages!

Adding Spoiler Tags on Desktop

The Discord desktop app offers two easy methods for applying spoiler tags. Let‘s look at each.

The Pipe Method

For quick typing, this keyboard-based approach tags text in seconds:

  1. Type two vertical pipe symbols (||) at the start of your message. To type pipes on your keyboard, hold Shift and press the backslash key (above Enter) twice.
  2. Type your spoiler text immediately after the two pipes. Make sure NOT to include spaces between the pipes and your text.
  3. End your spoiler text with two more vertical pipe symbols. This lets Discord know what part of the message to cover up.
  4. Hit Enter to send the tagged message.

For example:

||Darth Vader is Luke‘s father.||

This method works great once you memorize the pipe keyboard shortcut. But for mistake-proof tagging, try the highlight method next.

The Highlight Method

If you prefer selecting text to tag, use this approach:

  1. Type out your full message containing the spoiler.
  2. Highlight the specific text you want tagged by double-clicking it or dragging your cursor across it.
  3. Click the + icon next to the chat box, then select the eye icon from the menu.
  4. This automatically adds the spoiler tag syntax around your highlighted text.
  5. Hit Enter to send the now-tagged message.

Although a bit slower, this method ensures you don‘t miss any untagged spoilers if you forget a pipe symbol.

Adding Spoiler Tags on Mobile

Putting spoiler tags on mobile is just as simple! Here are the steps:

  1. In the Discord app, type your spoiler text in the chat bar at the bottom but don‘t send it yet.
  2. Long press on the text until it becomes highlighted. This works the same on both iOS and Android.
  3. A menu will pop up above your keyboard. Scroll right and tap Mark as spoiler.
  4. The background behind the text will turn gray to indicate the tag is applied.
  5. Tap the send icon to post your spoiled message safely!

It only takes seconds to tag text from your phone or tablet.

Creative Uses for Spoiler Tags

While hiding entertainment plot details is the most common use case, you can get creative with other ways to use tags too:

  • Cover shocking or NSFW images and videos to avoid unintended offenses.
  • Hide trivia answers or puzzle solutions to increase the challenge.
  • Share secret access codes or links that only people who click will see.
  • Tag punchlines to jokes so people don‘t see them coming a mile away.

Just check with server moderators first before using tags unconventionally if you aren‘t sure. But don‘t be afraid to think outside the box!

Spoiler Tag Etiquette Tips

When tagging spoilers, keep these etiquette guidelines in mind:

  • Avoid major spoilers in notification previews – others may still see them before clicking into the chat.
  • Don‘t hint at unexpected twists or even vaguely tease them.
  • Ignore any trolls aggressively begging you to uncover a spoiler maliciously.
  • Respect those who don‘t want to be spoiled and consume entertainment at their own pace.

Following basic spoiler etiquette fosters a welcoming environment for fans on Discord. We all love our favorite games, shows, and movies – let‘s be considerate to preserve the experience!

To Sum It All Up…

Congratulations, you now know how to add spoiler tags on desktop and mobile Discord apps!

By enabling tag viewing in your settings first, you can then easily cover sensitive info using the pipe or highlight methods. This keeps you from ruining surprises and plot twists accidentally for others.

Remember to use tags thoughtfully and respect fellow fans who want to enjoy entertainment unspoiled. With your new knowledge, you can now nerd out safely with friends about your favorite games, books, and shows on Discord!