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The Epic Journey of West Coast Rap Innovator 03 Greedo

Full Name Jason Jamal Jackson
Birthday July 26, 1987
Birth Place Los Angeles, CA
Age 36
Record Label Alamo Records
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube


03 Greedo burst onto the hip hop scene in the early 2010s with his exhilarating blend of West Coast gangsta rap and Southern trap music. Through a steady stream of mixtapes and albums, Greedo has carved out a unique lane for himself in the rap game while earning the devotion of fans across the country.

Early Life in South Central LA

Jason "Greedo" Jackson grew up in the Crenshaw and Watts neighborhoods of South Central Los Angeles, where he endured the violent realities of street life from a young age. He joined a local Crip set as a teen before discovering rap as an outlet. Music quickly became his obsession and convinced Greedo to turn away from the dangers of gangbanging.

Mixtape Grind

Greedo began releasing mixtapes around 2011, starting with little-known efforts like Courtesy of Purple. In 2013, he caught the attention of famed LA hitmaker DJ Mustard who hosted Greedo‘s mixtape Money Changes Everything. Their collaboration demonstrated Greedo‘s talent for catchy hooks and club-ready beats.

His breakthrough arrived in 2015 with the first installment of his seminal Purple Summer series, showcasing Greedo‘s inventive style and infectious energy. More entries in the Purple Summer saga followed, earning him a devoted national fanbase drawn to Greedo‘s unique fusion of G-funk, trap and punk rock edge.

Musical Style

While proudly repping his LA roots, Greedo incorporates influences from across the hip hop landscape. His vocals effortlessly switch between syrupy auto-tuned melodies and urgent spitfire delivery. Lyrical references range from street sagas to psychedelic philosophy with liberal profanity.

Beats knock with booming 808s while also floating in spacey ambience – the production is as wildly creative as Greedo‘s bars. He employs bluesy guitars, video game bloops, chiptune effects and more in his sonic palette.

"I make reality music. It‘s hardcore, but I try to sound as professional as possible." – 03 Greedo

This uninhibited style solidified on albums like Purple Summer 03, God Level, and the Still Summer in the Projects series. Each release demonstrates his artistic growth.

Mainstream Looks and Legal Issues

As Greedo‘s following expanded, the mainstream came calling. He landed guest spots on tracks with Diplo, Shoreline Mafia, OhGeesy and 03 Greedo along with music videos touching millions of views.

But his career momentum met a devastating roadblock in June 2019 when Greedo was sentenced to 20 years in prison on a firearms possession charge. Nevertheless, he‘s continued releasing music from behind bars while gaining publicity from high-profile supporters like Drake.

Lasting Legacy

With an acclaimed catalog spanning a decade, 03 Greedo has cemented himself as one of the most prolific and creative artists in LA hip hop history. His vulnerable songwriting and genre-blending production inspire rappers and producers globally. For his legions of loyal fans, Greedo‘s music represents a rare source of empathy and catharsis. His imprisonment has only heightened his mythical status as an against-the-odds success story.

03 Greedo has ensured his artistic legacy will live on for decades to come. His raw musical innovation will undoubtedly influence hip hop for generations, even as Greedo himself counts down the days until his return to the free world. Whenever that reunion finally happens, the rap game better be ready.