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Full Name Joey Karam
Age 36
Birthday September 14, 1987
Birth Sign Virgo
Born United States
Relationship Status Unknown
Height Unknown
Net Worth Unknown
Social Profiles Facebook

66Samus is an American multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer, primarily known for his innovative style of drumming. Over the past decade, he has become a fierce presence across the punk, rock, grunge, and metal scenes thanks to his rhythmic prowess, endless creativity, and high-energy performances.

Early Life and Musical Beginnings

Born as Joey Karam on September 14, 1987, 66Samus displayed a natural rhythm and love for drums from childhood. He started honing his percussive skills as a teenager, playing in local New Jersey bands and gigging frequently around the underground circuit.

After graduating high school, Karam‘s drumming passion led him to relocate to Brooklyn to fully immerse himself in music. He played shows constantly, developing technical skills and stage presence during this formative period. Looking to expand his opportunities, Karam eventually moved to Los Angeles. It was there he adopted the nickname "66Samus," both as an ode to the Metroid video game bounty hunter and to signal a new creative era.

Collaborations with Major Artists

As 66Samus, Karam‘s versatility and energy quickly earned him collaborations with acclaimed artists in various genres. His big break came in 2009 when pop icon Lady Gaga recruited him to perform live at the infamous MTV VMAs. This high-profile gig demonstrated his ability to adapt to any musical setting.

66Samus went on to record and tour with major rock acts like Fall Out Boy, Santigold, New Years Day, and Stitched Up Heart. He‘s also appeared on tracks by Your Vegas, He Is We, Hell or Highwater, and Bruiser Queen – always elevating the music with his rhythmic flair.

Beyond these bands, 66Samus is a sought-after session drummer. According to AllMusic, his playing can be heard on releases from Roadrunner Records, Atlantic, Spinefarm, eOne Music, and more.

Work with Scour, Gama Bomb, and Warbringer

In recent years, 66Samus has focused his drumming primarily on thrash and extreme metal. He has toured extensively with the acclaimed Irish thrash outfit Gama Bomb, bringing intensity and top-notch technique to their rapid-fire catalog.

Additionally, 66Samus occupied the drum throne for American thrashers Warbringer on their 2019 album Weapons of Tomorrow. His precise, athletic drumming complements their modernized take on classic thrash metal.

66Samus has also performed live with Scour, the extreme metal supergroup led by Pantera‘s Phil Anselmo. These shows have connected 66Samus with metal‘s most dedicated fanbase while allowing him to push his skills to new extremes.

Distinctive Style and Influences

Blending rock-solid grooves, blazing fills, and near-flawless footwork, 66Samus has cultivated a unique style behind the kit. He credits drummers like John Bonham, Dave Lombardo, and Gene Hoglan as key influences, along with plenty of classic punk drummers.

Unlike many modern metal drummers, 66Samus avoids over-reliance on triggers and flashy tricks. His focus stays on creative beat-making and perfectly complementing each song. Fans praise his ability to destroy a kick drum while maintaining intensity and dynamic variation.

Onstage, 66Samus is a thrilling performer. He attacks his kit with athletic intensity while flashing crowd-pleasing smiles. This friendly demeanor belies a fiercely competitive spirit that has pushed 66Samus to drumming‘s upper echelon.

The Future for 66Samus

With an ever-expanding resume of live gigs, session work, and band projects under his belt, 66Samus has firmly established himself as one of music‘s most versatile and exciting drummers. His future looks bright, whether precisely anchoring pop hits in the studio or pummeling out 250+ beats per minute for frenzied festival crowds.

For an introduction to this rising talent, check out his work with Gama Bomb, Warbringer, or Scour – though his skills truly shine best in a live setting. 66Samus is a consummate drummer continually honing his craft, poised to conquer even greater heights in the years ahead.