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Meet Austen Kroll of Southern Charm – The Warrior King with a Love for Beer

Full Name Austen Kroll
Age 36
Birthday June 16, 1987
Instagram @krollthewarriorking
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $400,000

As a loyal viewer of Southern Charm, I‘ve loved watching Austen Kroll bring his laidback vibes and goofball antics to the show since his introduction in season 4. This Charleston heartthrob is so much more than just a reality TV personality – he‘s an entrepreneur, athlete, world traveler, and amazing friend. Let‘s dig deeper into what makes Austen so gosh darn lovable!

All About Austen Kroll

Hailing from Charlotte, Austen headed south to attend Coastal Carolina University, where he walked onto the baseball team his junior year thanks to his athletic abilities. After graduating with a business degree, Austen worked in finance but found his true calling in the beer industry. He launched Kings Calling Brewing Company in 2020, including their flagship Trop Hop beer.

Austen‘s life changed forever when he joined the cast of Southern Charm in 2017. With his endearing humor and winter wardrobe full of classic colorful sweaters, Austen quickly became a fan favorite. Whether starting rap battles with Shep or giggling drunkenly during late nights out, this goofball knows how to have a good time. But Austen also demonstrates maturity and loyalty as a trustworthy friend. His bromance and adventures with Shep and Craig provide countless laugh-out-loud moments!

Why We Love Austen Kroll

He‘s hilarious. Austen‘s quick wit, silly antics, and expertly-timed one-liners add plenty of LOL moments to the show. He often lightens tense situations with much-needed comic relief.

He‘s unapologetically himself. Austen stays true to who he is – an easygoing, beer-loving jokester. He doesn‘t pretend to be someone he‘s not, whether lounging at home in sweats and glasses or sporting designer duds at a ritzy party.

He‘s passionate about beer. Austen didn‘t just lend his name to Kings Calling Brewing, he‘s fully hands-on with running the growing business. His excitement when sharing new beers with fans is truly infectious.

He‘s a good friend. Despite their squabbles, Austen remains loyal to Craig and Shep. Their touching moments prove these goobers always have each other‘s backs.

He handles conflict with humor. When tensions run high, Austen defuses situations with wisecracks and self-deprecating humor. He‘d rather make light than stoop to petty levels.

He loves being part of the crew. Austen clearly relishes his time with the Southern Charm gang. Whether he‘s stirring up trouble or just giggling along, it‘s obvious Austen enjoys the crazy ride.

5 Fun Facts About Austen

  • He‘s a former athlete – Austen played competitive tennis and golf growing up. He walked onto Coastal Carolina‘s baseball team thanks to his sporting talents.
  • He loves traveling – When not busy with King‘s Calling or filming, Austen jets off to exotic locales like Bali or takes road trips across the U.S.
  • He‘s a mama‘s boy – Austen remains super close with his mother and loves visiting her in Charlotte or bringing her to Charleston.
  • He had a spinoff show – Austen appeared on the Southern Charm spinoff Relationshep in 2017 with ex Shep Rose.
  • He‘s a huge Game of Thrones nerd – Austen named his brewery after a noble house on the fantasy epic. Winter is coming, y‘all!

Austen‘s Relationship Rollercoaster

Austen‘s love life has been quite the rollercoaster on Southern Charm! He dated Chelsea Meissner early on, followed by a tumultuous love triangle between Madison LeCroy and Kristin Cavallari that sparked plenty of fireworks.

After splitting from Madison in late 2020, Austen was briefly linked to co-star Olivia Flowers last year. But that fizzled out quickly, seemingly leaving our boy Austen single once again.

As a loyal fan, I‘m rooting for Austen to find his true soulmate, whether she‘s a Charleston beauty or someone new entirely. He deserves all the happiness in the world!

Beers, Bros, and Good Times

Watching Austen‘s journey these past 7 seasons has been a true delight. Though the cast has changed, Austen remains a Southern Charm staple thanks to his carefree vibe, loyal heart, and beer-guzzling hijinks.

I simply adore Austen for being an unfiltered, unapologetic goofball who spreads so much joy, whether he‘s cracking jokes or just living his most authentic life. Austen‘s passion and work ethic with Kings Calling is also incredibly admirable.

Cheers to many more years of Austen Kroll on Southern Charm and beyond! This lovable beer aficionado will forever be a Bravo fan favorite.