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Lala Kent

As a long-time Vanderpump Rules fan, I‘ve relished watching Lala Kent‘s unpredictable journey into reality TV infamy. Her sharp one-liners, glamorous style, and IDGAF attitude cemented her status as the show‘s breakout pot-stirrer. While controversial, Lala undeniably made her mark on the reality landscape.

The Lala Kent Profile

Full Name: Lauren Elyse Burningham
Age: 32 (born September 2, 1990)
Birthplace: Salt Lake City, Utah
Residence: Los Angeles, California
Occupation: Reality Star, Podcaster, Entrepreneur
Years Active: 2015-Present
Partner: Randall Emmett (2015-2022)
Children: 1 daughter Ocean Kent Emmett
Known For: Vanderpump Rules
Social Media:

  • Instagram (6M Followers)
  • Twitter (1.3M Followers)

The Vanderpump Rules Journey

Lala first joined the Vanderpump Rules cast in 2015 as a hostess at SUR restaurant. Though labeled as an outcast "new girl," she immediately stirred up drama by flaunting her mysterious wealthy boyfriend "Rand."

Some of my favorite Lala moments include…

  • Her epic takedown of Stassi as a "Bambi-eyed bitch." Lala was never one to hold back!
  • Her tumultuous love-hate dynamic with James Kennedy – their blowout fights were reality TV gold.
  • Revealing her sugar daddy boyfriend was actually high-profile Hollywood producer Randall Emmett. Her secret was finally out!

While Lala definitely ruffled feathers, she also showed moments of vulnerability surrounding her alcoholism and relationship issues. And who can forget her witty quips and one-liners? Her sharp observations and snarky attitude made for great TV.

Controversies and Complexities

Lala has also been embroiled in some controversies over the years…

She received backlash for comments perceived as insensitive to the #MeToo movement. Lala later apologized for her remarks after gaining additional perspective on the issue.

Her turbulent split from ex-fiancé Randall Emmett also made headlines, especially amidst rumors of Emmett‘s infidelity.

While Lala isn‘t without faults, I admire her willingness to learn and grow. She even opened up about past plastic surgery mistakes, warning fans not to bow to societal pressures. Her outspoken nature can land her in hot water, but also makes her far more relatable than many packaged reality stars.

Why I Adore Lala Kent

As a Vanderpump Rules aficionado, here‘s what I love most about Lala:

  • Her bold confidence – she unapologetically speaks her mind and proudly embraces who she is.
  • Her glamorous fashion sense – the girl can rock a designer ensemble like no other!
  • Her caring side as a friend – she‘ll fiercely defend her loved ones when needed.
  • Her journey to sobriety – she‘s an inspiration for overcoming alcoholism.
  • Her sense of humor – yes her shade can sting, but Lala is hands-down hilarious.

Lala Kent entered the reality TV world as an outsider and emerged as an unfiltered breakout star. Regardless of your opinion on Lala, her larger-than-life persona is impossible to ignore.

The Lala Kent Legacy

While her Vanderpump Rules chapter is closed, Lala‘s pop culture impact will live on. She ushered in a new generation of high-profile, polarizing reality stars who aren‘t afraid to get real. Lala proved you can parlay reality TV infamy into entrepreneurial success. Her Give Them Lala Beauty brand and memoir solidified her business prowess. And with a podcast and potential acting projects on the horizon, I suspect Lala Kent-Burningham mania will continue in Hollywood for years to come.