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Cody Christian – The Talented and Charismatic Actor Taking Hollywood by Storm

Full Name Cody Allen Christian
Born April 15, 1995 (age 28) in Maine, United States
Occupation Actor
Years Active 2009-present
Notable Roles Mike Montgomery in Pretty Little Liars, Theo Raeken in Teen Wolf
Social Media Instagram, Twitter

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Cody Christian first stepped foot onto a stage during a 4th grade play, discovering his passion for acting. According to Christian in an interview, "I caught the bug early on and was obsessed with theatre." He soon started auditioning and landed his first role at age 9 in a cereal commercial.

Over the next few years, Christian steadily scored guest appearances on shows like The Young and the Restless and Back to You. He once revealed that as a child actor, he was so dedicated that his manager had to force him to take breaks sometimes! Christian‘s first major TV role came in 2009 when he was cast as Zack Florrick on The Good Wife.

Big Break on Pretty Little Liars

In 2011, Cody Christian‘s big break came when he was cast as Mike Montgomery, younger brother of Lucy Hale‘s character, on the hugely successful teen mystery drama Pretty Little Liars.

"I remember my first day on ‘Pretty Little Liars‘ was terrifying," Christian told Teen Vogue. "I just wanted to do a good job."

And do a good job he did! As struggling sibling Mike, Christian drew praise for his nuanced performance and on-screen chemistry with Lucy Hale. Fans couldn‘t get enough of Mike‘s complicated relationship with his sister Aria.

Christian cherished his time on the show, staying for all seven seasons until 2017. In a People interview, he said:

“It’s bittersweet leaving, but I’m excited to take everything I learned from my time on PLL and dive right into this next chapter and journey!”

Scene-Stealing Role as Theo on Teen Wolf

While still starring on Pretty Little Liars, Cody Christian joined another hit teen series – the supernatural drama Teen Wolf. He started in a recurring role as Theo Raeken in Season 5 before being upped to a series regular for Season 6.

As the cocky, mysterious Theo with questionable motives, Christian was able to showcase a whole different side of his talent. He stole every scene he was in, keeping fans guessing about Theo‘s endgame. Christian brought so many layers to the complex character that viewers couldn‘t help but be compelled by Theo, even when he did deceitful things.

According to Christian, Theo pushed him out of his comfort zone (via Entertainment Weekly):

“It’s refreshing to play someone that’s so different from myself. Theo is manipulative and calculating and really challenges me as an actor."

Other Notable Acting Projects

Outside of his two iconic TV roles, Cody Christian has displayed impressive range in a variety of projects:

  • Films: Christian has shown his versatility in movies like The Starving Games (2013), the horror flicks Ouija (2014) and The Gallows (2015), the thriller Mojave (2015), and the comedy Pitch Perfect 3 (2017).
  • Indie Films: He earned praise for his starring roles in the 2021 indie drama Shelter alongside Thomas Jane and indie thriller Burn (2019), proving his ability as a leading man.
  • Netflix Romcoms: Christian sparked romantic chemistry as John Ambrose McClaren in To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (2020).
  • Video Games: He even lent his voice acting talents to the character Private Zussman in 2017‘s popular Call of Duty: WWII.
  • Upcoming Projects: Christian will soon be seen as the lead in the Apple TV+ series Surface and is voicing a role in the animated film Cocoa Caliente with Danny Trejo.

Clearly, this actor‘s resume demonstrates impressive range! As a fan, it has been incredible witnessing Cody‘s evolution and growth as a performer over the years.

Why Cody Christian Is So Admirable

Through following Cody Christian‘s career from his early days, it is easy to see all the admirable qualities that have endeared him to fans:

  • Dedicated: He takes his craft very seriously, diving into every new character with vigor.
  • Charismatic: Christian lights up any screen with an approachable yet magnetic charisma.
  • Down-to-Earth: Despite his fame, he remains grounded and connected to his roots.
  • Perseverant: He has worked tirelessly over the years to build up his impressive career.
  • Talented: Of course, Christian‘s raw acting talent shines through in every performance.

In my eyes, Cody represents the best of young Hollywood. Other up-and-coming actors should look to follow his example. And I cannot wait to continue supporting everything he does in the future!

Fun Facts About Cody

After following Cody Christian for so long, I‘ve picked up some fun trivia along the way! Here are a few facts that fans may not know about this rising star:

  • He has an identical twin brother named Taylor who guest starred in a Pretty Little Liars episode.
  • Basketball is one of his biggest passions outside of acting.
  • If he wasn‘t an actor, Christian thinks he would be doing something with anthropology or archaeology.
  • He loves reality shows like The Bachelor and Survivor.
  • Christian is obsessed with any movies involving time travel paradoxes.
  • His first pet was a chameleon named Pascal.
  • He can juggle and do magic tricks!

How fun to learn these random facts and get more insight into Cody‘s personality. As a fan, details like these make me admire Cody even more.

The Future is Bright for Cody Christian

At only 28 years old, Cody Christian‘s has already built an resume that actors twice his age would envy. His star is nowhere near done rising. Christian has proven his versatility through a diverse array of roles, showing off his comedic timing, intensity, charm, and everything in between. He has all the makings of an A-lister.

As Cody continues to take on exciting new projects, I will be cheering him on every step of the way. He is such an incredibly talented performer who still has so much left to show the world. For other aspiring actors, Cody represents the gold standard – someone to learn from and emulate. I cannot wait to see all that is still in store for this bright young star!