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David Spade – The Sarcastic Comedian We All Love

Full Name David Wayne Spade
Age 58 years old
Birthday July 22, 1964
Born Birmingham, MI
Net Worth $60 million

As a long-time David Spade fan, I‘ve eagerly followed his comedy career since his early SNL days in the 90s. Spade is an iconic comedian and actor who has brought sarcasm and wit to Hollywood for over 30 years.

Breakout SNL Success

After joining SNL as a writer and cast member in 1990, it didn‘t take long for Spade to become a fan-favorite player. His smart-aleck one-liners and caustic delivery were perfect for sly receptionist Dick Clark and snarky "Total Bastard Airlines" steward. I still quote his flight attendant bit to this day!

But it was his team-up with Chris Farley where Spade really shined on SNL. As one half of "The Chris Farley Show", Spade perfected playing the straight man to Farley‘s loud, obnoxious character. The Gap Girls, Matt Foley motivational speaker, and "Van Down by the River" are classic SNL moments thanks to Spade and Farley‘s chemistry.

Transition to Movie Star

Capitalizing on his SNL fame, Spade soon transitioned to film and became a comedy movie star in the late 90s. Of course his buddy Farley joined him in the breakout hit Tommy Boy, where Spade delivered his trademark sarcasm as Richard Hayden.

But I think his best movie role has to be as the lovable idiot Joe Dirt. Spade‘s comedic talents are on full display as the mullet-wearing, acid-wash jeans sporting Dirt. His subsequent Joe Dirt 2 direct-to-video film shows how much fans love that character.

And I can‘t forget Spade‘s collabations with Adam Sandler in movies like Grown Ups, Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star, The Benchwarmers and more. Their comedic chemistry rivals Spade‘s work with Farley in my opinion.

Television Domination

Aside from movies, some of Spade‘s best work has been on the small screen. He perfected the role of the narcissistic assistant Dennis Finch on Just Shoot Me! The show blended Spade‘s sarcasm and some occasional sweetness for 7 seasons from 1997-2003.

I also really enjoyed his stint on 8 Simple Rules in the early 2000s, taking over after the untimely passing of John Ritter. And more recently, his Comedy Central late night show Lights Out with David Spade featured vintage Spade sarcasm during celebrity guest interviews.

Never-Ending Stand-up Career

While acting takes up much of his time, Spade has never abandoned his stand-up comedy roots. He still tours and performs live shows today, delivering biting observational humor with his trademark snarky delivery.

Some of my favorite Spade stand-up includes his Comedy Central special Take the Hit and his Netflix special A Polaroid Guy in a Snapchat World. The latter special is vintage Spade, complaining about cell phones and making fun of Instagram celebrity culture.

Comedy Icon Status

Very few comedians have maintained such a prolific career for as long as David Spade. His comedy always stays fresh and relevant thanks to Spade‘s sarcasm and self-deprecation. I can‘t wait to see what he does next – whether it‘s more stand-up, hosting, movie roles or something else entirely. Spade is a true comedy legend!