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Comedian Eric Andre

Full Name Eric Samuel Andre
Birthdate April 4, 1983
Birthplace Boca Raton, Florida, United States
Age 40 years old
Net Worth $3 million

Eric Andre is an American comedian, actor, writer and producer who has become known for his highly surreal and anarchic style of humor. Since rising to prominence in the late 2000s, Andre has brought his unique comedic sensibilities to television, film and stand-up comedy.

Early Life and Career

Born in Boca Raton, Florida, Eric Andre spent his childhood in New York City. He graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston before pursuing a career in comedy.

Andre started out doing stand-up in New York City clubs like Caroline‘s on Broadway. In 2007 he moved to Los Angeles to further his comedy and acting ambitions. His early small roles on shows like 2 Broke Girls and Hot in Cleveland eventually led to his breakout opportunity.

The Eric Andre Show

In 2012, Andre created and began hosting The Eric Andre Show, a bizarre parody talk show on Cartoon Network‘s Adult Swim. The low-budget public access aesthetic provided the perfect backdrop for Andre‘s absurdist humor.

The show featured bluntly confrontational interviews with unwitting celebrity guests, along with over-the-top pranks and sketches. Andre became known for his unique style that blended shock value with satire, cringe humor and non-sequiturs.

The Eric Andre Show attracted a cult following, proving there was an audience for alternative comedy that pushed boundaries. The show ran for five seasons until 2020, cementing Andre‘s status as one of the most unpredictable comics today.

Other Notable Projects

Beyond his signature talk show, Andre has been involved in various television, film and stand-up projects:

  • The Lion Guard (2016-2019) – Voiced the hyena Azizi
  • The Internship (2013) – Appeared alongside Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson
  • Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (2016) – Played a MC in the Lonely Island mockumentary
  • Bad Trip (2021) – Starred in hidden camera prank comedy film produced by Jackass‘s Johnny Knoxville
  • Eric Andre: Legalize Everything (2020) – Released first Netflix original stand-up comedy special
  • The Righteous Gemstones (2019-Present) – Currently starring in HBO comedy series

Unique Comedy Style

Andre‘s brand of humor is known for being surreal, satirical and shocking. He uses cringe humor, gross-out gags and absurdism while maintaining a deadpan delivery.

His avant-garde style has elicited a range of responses. Some praise Andre for his completely unpredictable persona and subversive style that mocks societal conventions. Others criticize his reliance on discomfort, chaos and offensive humor. Polarizing as his comedy may be, Andre has proven he isn‘t afraid to take risks and push boundaries of what is acceptable.

Popularity and Legacy

Andre‘s rise in popularity coincided with the internet age and growth of alternative comedy fandoms. He has over 900,000 Twitter followers and 1 million Instagram followers. His unique perspective and absurdist antics resonated with millennial and Gen Z audiences looking for edgier, experimental comedy.

While more controversial than mainstream comics, Andre has left his mark through his viral sketches and memes. His influence can be seen in other surreal Adult Swim programs and videos that came later. Though brazenly unconventional, Eric Andre has emerged as an iconic comedic voice for Internet-age absurdist humor.