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Fabio Lanzoni: The Flowing-Locked Heartthrob Who Became a Pop Culture Icon

Full Name Fabio Lanzoni
Age 64
Birthday March 15, 1959
Birth Place Milan, Italy
Occupation Model, Actor
Years Active 1980s-present
Social Media Instagram, Twitter

Fabio Lanzoni

Early Life and Modeling Beginnings

Fabio Lanzoni was born on March 15, 1959 in Milan, Italy to his Italian parents. As a teenager, Fabio pursued horseback riding and competed professionally as a jockey for three years before a career-ending injury led him to transition to modeling.

In his early 20s, Fabio moved to New York City to launch a modeling career stateside. He quickly scored gigs appearing in ads and commercials. With his rugged good looks, cascading golden mane, piercing eyes and chiseled physique, Fabio garnered major attention in the fashion world.

His big break came in 1983 when he landed on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine. It was the first of many covers that catapulted Fabio to superstar status.

Rise to Fame as Romance Novel Heartthrob

In the 1980s and 1990s, Fabio became the quintessential romance novel cover model. He appeared shirtless on over 460 book covers, with his hair blowing in the wind as he embraced buxom women on book jackets.

Novelists like Danielle Steel, Johanna Lindsey and Jude Deveraux repeatedly featured Fabio on their covers. "He was the object of so many women‘s fantasies and became embedded in popular culture," Deveraux said of his appeal.

In 1994, at the height of his fame, Fabio became the spokesmodel for I Can‘t Believe It‘s Not Butter. His commercials spoofed his sexy image and showcased his talent for comedy. "You can wet it, you can spread it, you can lick it off your fingers," Fabio purred in one famous spot.

Branching Out to Movies and TV

Leveraging his fame, Fabio branched out into acting in the 1990s. He made cameos playing himself on sitcoms like Step by Step and The Bold and the Beautiful. He played minor roles in comedies such as Zoolander, Dude, Where‘s My Car? and Spy Hard.

One of Fabio‘s first major film roles came in the 1992 teen comedy Virgin High, where he showed his self-deprecating side as an underwear model named Nipples. He later hosted his own short-lived talk show called The Fabio Show from 1998-1999.

In the 2000s and beyond, Fabio guest starred on shows like NCIS and skewered his image on Ned‘s Declassified School Survival Guide by playing a vain secret agent named Professor Pepperfield.

Other Ventures and Pop Culture Status

In addition to acting, Fabio expanded his renaissance man profile by penning several fiction and self-help books. He also formed his own rock band in 2001 called Maverick and released an album titled Back From the Moon.

By the 2000s, Fabio was fully embraced as an American pop culture icon. He was regularly parodied on shows like South Park and Celebrity Deathmatch, with cartoon depictions exaggerating his flowing golden mane for comedic effect.

In 2009, a tongue-in-cheek Fabio appeared on season nine of Dancing with the Stars, charming viewers with his trademark hair and flamboyant persona.

Life Today and Lasting Legacy

Now 64, Fabio continues to work as an actor and model. While still an instantly recognizable pop culture figure, in recent years he has shifted focus to business ventures including haircare products and nutritional supplements bearing his name.

He also serves as a celebrity spokesman for companies like Old Spice and an insurance provider. While Fabio-mania has cooled off since his 80s and 90s heyday, the golden-locked Italian‘s legacy as a pop culture touchstone remains rock solid. The mere mention of his name invokes memories of an unforgettable era.