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Meet GeorgeNotFound: The Hilarious British Minecraft YouTuber Taking Over the Internet

Full Name George Henry Davidson
Born November 1, 1996
Age 27
Birthplace England
Content Gaming, Comedy
Subscribers 11+ million

GeorgeNotFound is an internet personality, YouTuber, Twitch streamer; gained popularity in 2020-2021 through Minecraft.

Early Life and Discovering Minecraft

GeorgeNotFound, whose real name is George Henry Davidson, was born on November 1, 1996 in England. From a young age, George loved playing all sorts of video games. But it wasn‘t until he discovered Minecraft in his teenage years that he found his true passion.

Playing Minecraft allowed George‘s creative and humorous spirit to shine. He quickly became obsessed with learning Minecraft‘s secrets, trying speedruns, and creating funny in-game scenarios. Little did he know this would one day launch an incredibly successful career as a YouTuber.

Joining YouTube and Rise to Fame

GeorgeNotFound created his YouTube channel in 2013, when he was 17 years old. He initially posted Minecraft gameplay videos, Let‘s Plays, and mod showcases.

In 2015, GeorgeNotFound had the idea to team up with fellow Minecraft YouTubers Dream and Sapnap to form the hilarious trio known as the Dream Team. Their chemistry was undeniable, and the Dream Team‘s challenge videos, vlogs, and streams quickly gained popularity.

Some of GeorgeNotFound‘s most viewed early videos included intense Minecraft Manhunt challenges where Dream tries to stop George from beating the game. Their playful banter and meme-worthy moments gained them millions of dedicated fans.

Achieving YouTube Stardom

As GeorgeNotFound‘s audience exploded, his channel hit milestone after milestone. He reached 1 million YouTube subscribers in 2018, 5 million in 2019, and 10 million by 2021.

With an infectious laugh and entertaining perspective, GeorgeNotFound‘s popularity continued to soar. His Manhunt videos with Dream now reliably get 30-40 million views each.

GeorgeNotFound has also collaborated with some of YouTube‘s biggest stars like MrBeast. Whether he‘s doing Minecraft challenges or wacky IRL videos, fans can‘t get enough of this hilarious British goofball.

Why Fans Love GeorgeNotFound

So what is it about GeorgeNotFound that makes him so darn lovable?

  • He‘s incredibly funny and entertaining. Every video contains contagious laughs and meme-worthy moments.
  • George has fantastic chemistry with his friends. Watching the Dream Team banter is always a joy.
  • He‘s positive and unproblematic. GeorgeNotFound steers clear of controversies.
  • His editing and commentary are top-notch. He‘s a pro at creating engaging gaming content.
  • George stays connected with fans through streams and social media.

The Future of GeorgeNotFound

As one of YouTube‘s fastest growing gaming stars, GeorgeNotFound‘s future is brighter than ever. He continues to entertain fans daily with new Minecraft videos, vlogs, and streams.

GeorgeNotFound has expanded into fashion by launching his popular NotFound clothing line. He also hints he may begin posting more IRL challenges and vlogs soon.

No matter what the future brings, GeorgeNotFound‘s fans will be delighted as long as he keeps spreading laughs. We can‘t wait to see what hilarious content this gaming legend creates next!

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