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All About Jana Duggar

Full Name Jana Marie Duggar
Age 33 years old
Birthday [January 12, 1990](
Born United States
Parents Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar
Siblings 18 siblings
Social Media [Instagram](

As the eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar‘s 19 children, Jana Duggar grew up in the spotlight of her family‘s famous reality shows 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On. Now 33, Jana remains one of the most popular members of the Duggar clan among fans who feel connected to her kind spirit, creative talents and resilient single status.

Early Life and Family

Born January 12, 1990 in Tontitown, Arkansas, Jana was the couple‘s second child after son Josh. She was soon joined by siblings John David, Jill, Jessa, Jinger and more as the Duggar family continued expanding year after year. All the children were homeschooled and grew up with the family‘s Christian values emphasizing modesty, abstinence before marriage, and adherence to strict moral and religious principles.

As the oldest girl in the family, Jana took on a motherly role helping to raise her younger brothers and sisters. She changed diapers, did laundry, prepared meals, and provided nurturing support. This built her skills as a caregiver and homemaker from a young age.

Rise to Fame

Jana spent her early years in relative obscurity until the Duggars were discovered by a TV production company in the mid-2000s. Their show 17 Kids and Counting premiered in 2008, introducing viewers to their enormous family and unique lifestyle. Jana became known as the dutiful eldest daughter, always ready to lend a hand around the house or care for her siblings.

The family-oriented show was a ratings hit for TLC and eventually expanded to 19 Kids and Counting as the Duggar children grew older and new babies arrived. Through marriages, courtships, scandals and more, Jana remained a staple presence on the show thanks to her wit, wisdom and selfless spirit. She taught her younger siblings invaluable life lessons and reminded fans what‘s most important in life: faith, family and compassion.

Life in the Spotlight

As Counting On follows the grown Duggar children starting families of their own, loyal fans still adore seeing sweet Jana help her siblings during pregnancies, weddings and parenting journeys. She has also shown her creative side through DIY, sewing and home décor projects highlighted on the show and her social media.

Jana‘s unmarried status as all her younger sisters tie the knot has become a point of fascination. But she takes it all in gracious stride, staying busy with her family, gardening, photography and community volunteer work. Though notoriously private about her personal life, Jana does not define herself by relationships and appears content just as she is today.

Fun Facts About Jana

  • She delivered some of her younger siblings herself and earned a midwifery certificate.
  • Jana is notorious for her organizing skills and re-doing spaces in the family homes.
  • She enjoys hunting, earning her hunter safety course certificate in 2010.
  • Jana loves learning musical instruments including the harp.
  • If she could have any job, she said she‘d love to be a nurse.

FAQs About the Duggar Family‘s Eldest Daughter

How old is Jana Duggar?

Jana is currently 33 years old. Her birthdate is January 12, 1990.

Is Jana Duggar married?

No, Jana is not currently married or in a courtship. She remains single at age 33 while many of her younger siblings have tied the knot and started families.

What is Jana Duggar‘s net worth?

Estimates of Jana‘s individual net worth range from $400,000-$500,000, largely derived from the family‘s reality show salaries and brand sponsorships.

Where does Jana Duggar live?

Jana still lives in her hometown of Tontitown, Arkansas on the sprawling Duggar family property.

What does Jana enjoy doing in her free time?

Jana loves activities like gardening, organizing, sewing, painting and photography. She also enjoys hunting, playing musical instruments and volunteering in her community. Her artistic skills are frequently put to use on DIY and home renovation projects.