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Kady McDermott

Stats and Overview

  • 1.6 million Instagram followers
  • 280k YouTube subscribers
  • Estimated net worth: £1.2 million
  • Known for: Love Island, By Kady makeup, Kydra clothing

Kady McDermott is a British reality TV star turned influencer and entrepreneur who rose to fame on the popular dating show Love Island. Known for her outspoken personality and dramatic onscreen moments, Kady has leveraged her notoriety to build a personal brand followed by over a million fans.

Early Life and Background

Born in Stevenage, England on September 4, 1995, Kady was an outgoing child who loved the spotlight. She has one younger brother and played on her school‘s netball team growing up. After graduating secondary school, Kady worked as a makeup artist before deciding to apply for Love Island.

Finding Fame on Love Island

In 2016, a 21-year-old Kady was accepted as an original Islander on Season 2 of the hit reality show Love Island. She quickly made a name for herself as the villa‘s resident drama queen, getting into plenty of feuds and showmances. Kady coupled up with Scott Thomas, with their turbulent relationship becoming one of the season‘s biggest storylines. Her sharp tongue and one-liners entertained viewers, establishing her as a breakout star.

Life After the Villa

After placing third on Love Island, Kady‘s Instagram following exploded to over 1 million. She capitalized on her fame, launching her own makeup line By Kady in 2017. She also released a popular fitness app with her workout and diet tips. Most recently in 2022, she started her own clothing line Kydra. Kady continues to give fans a glimpse into her jet-setting lifestyle through sponsored travel content and influencer collaborations.

Controversies and Feuds

While beloved by fans, Kady hasn‘t been without her fair share of dramatics off-screen. She‘s gotten into public spats with former islanders like Olivia Buckland, and faced backlash for comments made on social media. During her time on Love Island, Kady delivered plenty of memorable one-liners while stirring up drama in the villa. Her sharp tongue didn‘t make her the most popular with her fellow islanders, but it sure kept fans entertained!

Advocacy and Causes

When not stirring up headlines, Kady uses her platform to advocate for causes she cares about. She frequently promotes body positivity and self-love through her Instagram. Kady has also been open about struggling with anxiety and wanting to destigmatize mental health issues. She partnered with charities like Mind UK to raise awareness.

Other TV and Entertainment Appearances

Since her breakthrough on Love Island, Kady has made cameos on other popular British TV shows. In 2018, she appeared on Shopping with the Stars and Celebrity Ghost Hunt. Kady also was a guest judge on MTV‘s Top Model UK. She continues to pursue additional entertainment and TV opportunities.

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