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Michael Clifford – Lead Guitarist of 5 Seconds of Summer

Full Name Age Birthday Birth Place
Michael Gordon Clifford 27 November 20, 1995 Sydney, Australia

Michael Gordon Clifford is an Australian musician, best known as the lead guitarist of the pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer. Born and raised in Sydney, Michael developed a deep passion for music from a young age.

Early Life and Music Beginnings

Michael grew up in Norwest, a suburb of Sydney, as the oldest child in an athletic family. He has two younger siblings, a brother named David and a sister named Nicola. Michael‘s parents encouraged his interest in guitar, buying him his first acoustic at age 12. He taught himself to play by looking up YouTube tutorials.

In school, Michael struggled to focus in traditional classes, but excelled in music. By age 14, he was playing local gigs with his first band, Lost Cause. He dropped out of high school at 16 to focus on his blossoming music career.

Meeting Ashton and Forming 5SOS

In 2011, Michael met 5SOS drummer Ashton Irwin at a gig in Sydney featuring their respective bands. They immediately clicked as friends and musicians. Along with singer Luke Hemmings and bassist Calum Hood, they formed 5 Seconds of Summer later that year, posting videos of themselves covering songs on YouTube.

Their talent and catchy, pop-punk style quickly gained attention online. 5SOS began opening for One Direction on tour in 2012, attracting hordes of loyal fans and landing a record deal with Capitol Records.

5SOS Success and Michael‘s Vital Role

5 Seconds of Summer‘s debut single "She Looks So Perfect" went to #1 in 2014. Their self-titled album also hit #1 in 11 countries. With Michael‘s shredding guitar solos and their honest, heartfelt lyrics, 5SOS helped lead a revival of rock music and surpassed One Direction in sales.

As lead guitarist, Michael brings infectious energy to 5SOS‘s live shows. His musical influences range from pop punk bands like Good Charlotte and Blink-182 to metal groups like Metallica.

Other Projects

Beyond 5SOS, Michael has collaborated with artists like Against the Current. In 2020, he released a solo single called "Red" and also launched his own hair dye line called Michael Clifford Hair Dye. His vibrant dyes reflect his bold personality.

Michael has millions of followers on social media who adore him for his humor and honesty about struggling with depression. He uses his platform to break mental health stigma.

Personal Life

Michael has been in a relationship with model Crystal Leigh since 2015 after meeting at a 5SOS show. He proposed in 2020 and their wedding is set for 2023.

When he‘s not touring, Michael enjoys caring for his two dogs, playing Fortnite, and connecting with fans online. He has an extremely close bond with his bandmates who he considers brothers.

Fun facts about Michael include:

  • His first concert was Green Day
  • He‘s a big fan of tattoos and has over 25
  • Michael is 6‘1" tall but wears platform shoes to appear taller on stage

With his musical talent, fame at a young age, and down-to-earth attitude, Michael Clifford remains an inspirational figure. His career with chart-topping 5 Seconds of Summer is clearly just getting started.