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Paul Stanley – The Legendary Frontman of KISS

Full Name: Stanley Bert Eisen
Age: 71
Birthday: January 20, 1952

Birth Sign: Aquarius
Born: United States
Height: 6′ 0′′
Net Worth: $200M

Paul Stanley is co-founder & frontman of Kiss, writer of popular songs, and established The Starchild persona.

About Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley is an American musician, singer, songwriter and painter best known as the co-founder and rhythm guitarist of the rock band Kiss. He is known for his melodic singing style and bold stage presence, often performing in makeup and costumes. Stanley co-formed Kiss in 1973 alongside bassist Gene Simmons and grew it into one of the most successful and influential rock acts of all time. His larger-than-life persona "The Starchild" captivated audiences and embodied the consummate rock showman.

The Early Days

I‘ll never forget the first time I heard Paul Stanley‘s voice. It was 1973 and my buddy slapped a cassette of Kiss‘ debut album into the tape deck. As soon as "Strutter" started playing, I was hooked. Stanley‘s smooth, soaring vocals and bluesy guitar riffs blew me away. From that point on, I was a lifelong fan.

Rise to Stardom

Stanley‘s talent as a singer, songwriter and guitarist catapulted Kiss to stardom in the 70s. He penned timeless anthems like "Rock and Roll All Nite" and "Detroit Rock City" that defined arena rock. Seeing him perform live in full Starchild makeup and costume was an unforgettable experience. The raw energy and showmanship left the crowd utterly dazzled.

A Consummate Entertainer

While some may dismiss Kiss as gimmicky, Stanley‘s abilities as an entertainer and frontman are second to none. As The Starchild, he commanded the stage like no other. The persona empowered Stanley to be more outgoing and extroverted. During shows he was funny, confident, sexy – the ultimate rock god. His flair for theatrics ushered in a bold new era of live performance.

Paul Stanley‘s Artistic Pursuits

Beyond music, Stanley has explored various creative outlets like painting, memoir writing and product design. Some highlights include:

  • Exhibiting his abstract paintings in art galleries across the U.S.
  • Publishing his memoir Face the Music: A Life Exposed in 2014
  • Launching the PS Resorts line of boutique hotels
  • Opening over 20 Rock & Brews restaurant locations combining his passions

It‘s clear Paul Stanley is driven by a need to create in any form. His talents extend far beyond music into the visual and business realms. Stanley seems to approach all his projects with passion and signature showmanship.

Lasting Cultural Impact

Paul Stanley‘s influence on rock music and culture cannot be overstated. Some of his key contributions include:

  • Pioneering live performances centered on bombastic theatrics and spectacle
  • Helping shatter stigmas around makeup and androgyny in rock
  • Cementing face paint as a hallmark of the shock rock genre
  • Proving the commercial viability of live tours and merchandise
  • Inspiring generations of aspiring musicians and performers

Thanks to Stanley‘s vision and showmanship, Kiss became a pop culture institution. The band brought rock & roll to new heights during their 70s heyday and built a legacy that shines brightly even today.

Why Paul Stanley is my Rock Hero

For as long as I can remember, Paul Stanley has been my number one rock idol. His voice electrifies me. His style exhilarates me. His passion motivates me. I‘ve pored over every album, watched every film clip a hundred times, and seen Kiss perform live whenever possible. Paul showed me the power of living full-out – to follow dreams fearlessly no matter how outlandish. Nearly 50 years later, that Starchild magic still gives this fan wings.