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All About Skateboarding Icon Steven Fernandez

Full Name Steven Fernandez
Born February 27, 2000 in Los Angeles, CA
Sponsors DC Shoes, Element Skateboards, Cortez Skateboards
Awards 2016 Thrasher Skater of the Year
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Steven Fernandez, affectionately known as “Baby Scumbag,” is one of the most influential skateboarders of his generation. With his infectious charisma and undeniable talent, Fernandez has made a monumental impact on skate culture. As a diehard fan, I’m thrilled to share more about this skating superstar‘s journey to fame and success.

Discovering Skateboarding at a Young Age

Fernandez first started skateboarding at age 9 after getting his first board in his hometown of Los Angeles. He was immediately hooked, practicing for hours each day at local parks and parking lots. His raw talent was undeniable, quickly mastering advanced flip tricks and grinds.

By age 12, viral footage of Fernandez’s skating began circulating. He blew away older skaters with his ability to land risky stunts and technical street lines. It was obvious this kid had the potential for greatness.

Rising to Fame Through Competitions

As a newly sponsored skater under Element Skateboards, Fernandez gained fame by competing in major events like Tampa Am and Street League Skateboarding (SLS). His creative style earned him high marks from judges and fans.

Some standout moments included:

  • 2012: At just 12 years old, placed top 10 in his division at Tampa Am
  • 2014: Won the prestigious Maloof Money Cup, landing never-before-seen tricks
  • 2015: Took 5th place in SLS Los Angeles, sparking “Baby Scumbag” nickname

Fernandez’s skill, fearlessness and cool-under-pressure attitude made him a fan favorite. His popularity skyrocketed with each event.

Leaving His Creative Mark on Skate Style

Now 23, Fernandez has firmly cemented his place in skateboarding history. He’s credited with advancing street skating, inventing original tricks like the “Scumbag Flip.” His unique style inspires new generations of skaters.

Some key accomplishments and achievements include:

  • 30+ signature tricks invented over the years
  • 6+ million Instagram followers making him a top influencer
  • Over 20 skate video parts filmed for brands like Thrasher
  • Thrasher Skater of the Year in 2016, a huge honor in the industry

Giving Back to the Skate Community

Despite his fame, Fernandez remains dedicated to giving back. In 2019, he launched his own skateboard brand King of LA. The brand promotes local events and helps support L.A. skaters.

He also mentors young skaters on starting out in the industry. Fernandez shares tips on securing sponsors, filming videos, and more. It comes from his own experience rising the ranks.

The Heart and Soul of Skate Culture

To me, Steven embodies the creative spirit, fearless athleticism, and rebellious attitude of skate culture. His smooth style and daring stunts will influence generations to come. Off the board, he’s an inspiring example of turning your passion into a purpose.

At just 23, Fernandez has achieved more than most do in a lifetime. But knowing Steven, he’s only just getting started! I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes next and will always be his biggest fan. Skate on, Steven!

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