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Pastor Steven Furtick – The Inspiring Founder of Elevation Church

Full Name Steven Furtick
Age 43 years old
Birthday February 19, 1980
Born United States
Social Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Steven Furtick is a prominent American pastor, author, and songwriter who founded the multisite Elevation Church based in Charlotte, North Carolina. With his passionate preaching style and visionary leadership, he has built Elevation into one of the fastest-growing churches in the United States.

Early Life and Education

Born in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, Furtick grew up in a devout Southern Baptist family. He committed his life to Christ as a teenager and felt called to ministry soon after. He earned a bachelor‘s degree from North Greenville University on a music scholarship, where he sang in an acoustic duo.

Furtick went on to complete a Master of Divinity from the acclaimed Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Even as a young seminarian, his spiritual wisdom and gift for connecting with people through storytelling was evident.

Meteoric Rise of Elevation Church

In 2006, at just 26 years old, Furtick founded Elevation Church with only seven other families. They met in a local warehouse in Charlotte, NC and saw rapid growth from the start.

Within a few short years, Elevation had multiplied to several thousand members across multiple campuses. By 2011, they opened their permanent Blakeney location, seating over 2,000 people.

Today Elevation has over 20,000 attendees and continues expanding. Under Furtick‘s bold vision and leadership, the church has been named one of the fastest-growing in America.

Hallmarks of Furtick‘s Preaching

Furtick is now renowned worldwide for his inspirational sermon style marked by:

  • Passion and transparency
  • Humor and storytelling
  • Practical life applications
  • A relatable, conversational tone

His messages tackle real struggles with faith, insecurity, purpose and more. Over 2 million people tune in weekly through TV, podcasts and the web.

As a fan who‘s followed Furtick for years, his words have deeply impacted my own spiritual journey. His authenticity and ability to make biblical truths feel personal is unparalleled.

Other Notable Ventures

Beyond pastoring and preaching, Furtick has also led:

  • Elevation Worship – A chart-topping contemporary Christian music group.
  • Outreach Events – Mass baptisms, volunteer work and more. Elevation is committed to community service.
  • Generosity Initiatives – Campaigns to model lifestyle generosity through donations and tithing.
  • Publishing – Bestselling books like Greater, Crash the Chatterbox and Sun Stand Still sharing his inspirational message.

Personal Life and Humble Nature

Furtick lives in North Carolina with his wife Holly and their three children. Despite his fame, he remains down-to-earth and dedicates his life to serving God. His message has touched millions worldwide across denominations.

Steven Furtick is truly one of the most gifted and influential pastors of our time. His church and ministries continue thriving as more lives are transformed through his passionate, faith-filled preaching.