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Finding the Best Conference Room Microphones for Clear Team Communication

As hybrid and remote work become the norm, high-quality audio for video calls is more vital than ever. But the mics built into laptops and phones simply won‘t cut it for conference and meeting rooms facilitating team calls. Thankfully, specialized conference room microphone systems provide the crisp, seamless pickup today‘s meetings require.

In this ultimate buyer‘s guide, we‘ll compare the top conference room microphone options to help you choose the right gear for clear audio and seamless meeting collaboration.

Why You Need a Dedicated Conference Room Microphone

Before we dive into the top options, let‘s briefly cover why a dedicated conference room microphone should be a must-have upgrade for your meeting room AV setup.

Limited Range of Built-In Mics

The tiny mics built into your laptop or smartphone are designed for individual use just inches away. In a mid-sized meeting room or conference area seating up to 10-15 people across a table, these mics simply can‘t pick up everyone‘s voices. Audio will fade in and out unreliably as people speak at varying distances and angles from your device‘s mic.

Echo and Background Noise

Lingering echoes and ambient noises like HVAC systems or hallway chatter all get picked up by basic device mics as well. As more remote attendees join your meeting via video call, these disruptive background sounds get amplified on their end.

Voice Clarity and Consistency

With a conference room full of stakeholders, clients or team members you want to convey professionalism. Patchy, fading audio from insufficient mics undermines confidence and engagement between in-person and remote participants.

In contrast, dedicated systems offer:

  • Extended voice pickup range to clearly hear everyone in larger spaces
  • Multi-mic noise cancellation for fewer echoes and cleaner sound
  • Consistent volume and clarity as people speak from around the room
  • Seamless device connectivity to join video calls or meeting platforms with top-quality audio

Keep reading as we break down the key factors to consider and top-rated models in various price ranges.

Key Considerations for Conference Room Microphone Systems

Depending on your meeting room size, number of local participants, and productivity software or platforms used, you‘ll want to keep a few criteria in mind while shopping.

Room Size Coverage

Think about maximum number of in-person attendees you need to accommodate with clear voice pickup. Entry-level personal speakerphones cover 8-10 people, while higher-end choices tout room-filling sound for 20+ local participants.

Also consider table size and shape. Centralized mic pickup can serve smaller round tables fine, but elongated boardroom or conference tables may need extended reach multiple mic units.

When estimating room capacity, don‘t forget to account for future growth too!

Wired vs Wireless Connectivity

Desktop mounted wired models typically connect via USB or 3.5mm aux cable to your laptop, tablet or phone for video calls. Without batteries, their performance won‘t degrade over time. However, wires add clutter and limit positioning flexibility in rooms.

In contrast, wireless Bluetooth models operate cable-free for up to 30 foot pickup distances from your device – ideal for moving around a large meeting space. Just be mindful of battery lifespan declining over 2+ years of regular use.

For the best of both worlds, some speakerphone systems offer both wired and Bluetooth connectivity.

Noise Cancellation Capability

From chatter in the hallway to HVAC hums, ambient noise can be seriously disruptive on conference calls. Advanced noise cancellation using multiple built-in mics minimizes these annoyances so people on both sides of the call can be heard clearly.

Meeting Platform Compatibility

If your organization relies on platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or more for meetings, make sure to choose an option specifically compatible out the box. This ensures seamless audio integration without frustrating setup and tweaks.

Voice Assistant Integration

For convenient hands-free call control, some premium conference room mic systems even feature built-in Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. This voice assistant integration allows you to start/end calls, adjust volume, or manage other tasks through voice commands.


Last but certainly not least – how much should you spend? Conference room microphone systems range widely from $50 basic models to $500+ premium devices with all the bells and whistles.

Think carefully about which features will prove most worthwhile for your frequent meeting types, AV setup and attendees. Avoid overspending on unnecessary extras, but don‘t go too cheap on room coverage and audio quality either.

Next let‘s dive into some top options across the pricing spectrum!

Best Conference Room Microphones: Our Top Picks

Model Key Highlights Price
Yamaha CS-700 – Superb voice clarity for mid-large rooms
-industry leading AV heritage brand
-$100-200 less than rival models
Poly Sync 20+ – Smart mic steering & noise blocking
– Up to 20 ft pickup range
– Speakerphone & Bluetooth combo
Jabra Speak 750 -Intuitive Zoom integration
-36ft+ wireless signal range
-Connects up to 15 Jabra devices

Yamaha CS-700 – Best Audio Value Pick

The Yamaha CS-700 hits a sweet spot for microphone pickup range capability beyond basic personal units with room to seat around a dozen participants. It‘s packed with premium sound and speech tuning tech from the revered audio brand at very wallet-friendly pricing.

Standout features like Human Voice Activity Detection keeps remote participants‘ attention focused on who‘s actively speaking – not distracting side chatter. This clever mic also tunes itself instantly based on background noise volume in your space.

With versatile connectivity via USB, Bluetooth or aux cable, the CS-700 pairs with all your devices for video calls, recordings and business calls via your preferred apps or calling platform.

Key advantages:

  • Superb voice clarity with 3 microphone array
  • Seats around 14 participants reliably
  • Automatic adaptive volume optimization
  • Connects via USB, Bluetooth and Aux cable
  • Zoom-certified experience at a great price point

Poly Sync 20+ – Top Pick for Mid-Size Rooms

Trusted brand Poly (formerly Plantronics) powers top-notch audio and seamless connectivity for offices worldwide. The Poly Sync 20+ smart conference room speakerphone really steps up wireless mic pickup for locally collaborative meetings.

Leveraging unique Mic Steering beamforming technology, this system tracks and zeroes in on whoever is speaking in the room for crisper call clarity. Advanced NoiseBlock tech also tunes out disruptive ambient sounds like typing, device notifications and hallway chatter.

With capacity for around 20 in-person participants seated across a sizable boardroom-style table, the Sync 20+ earns top marks. And Bluetooth wireless flexibility plus USB-C charging/wired connectivity provides versatile device and platform integrations.

Key advantages:

  • Mic Steering homed in on speaker‘s voice
  • NoiseBlock minimizes external disturbances
  • Accommodates up to 20 local participants
  • Connect and charge via USB-C or wireless Bluetooth
  • Certified for Microsoft Teams and Zoom

Jabra Speak 750 – Most Versatile Business Conference Speakerphone

Jabra has earned recognition as an outstanding premium audio brand. So it‘s no surprise business professionals praise the Jabra Speak 750 conference speakerphone as one of the most versatile and durable options on the market.

With an incredible wireless range reaching over 35 feet, you can position it to capture even the longest boardroom tables clearly. Jabra‘s built-in video meeting features streamline joining Zoom or Microsoft Teams calls at the touch of a button too. Plus you can daisy chain up to 15 Jabra speakerphones for exponentially expanded coverage!

Voices reproduce clearly and consistently so attendees in the room and remote video call participants can communicate comfortably. This high capability versatile speakerphone amalgamates connectivity, sound engineering and quality craftsmanship that are perfect for serious enterprise deployment.

Key advantages:

  • Wireless range over 1300 square feet
  • Video meeting integration buttons
  • Link up to 15 daisy chained units
  • Outstanding voice pickup consistency
  • Premium engineering & craftsmanship

And those are just three top rated conference room microphone systems that can level up your team meeting audio. Make sure to also check out the ClearOne Chat 150 for smaller huddle rooms or the Shure MXA710 Linear Array for expansive multi-purpose spaces accommodating over 40 participants across triple digit square footage.

Optimizing Setup In Your Conference Room

To get the most out of your new gear for minimal audio disruptions, proper set up positioning is key within the physical space. Follow these tips tailored to various room layouts when installing your new conference room microphone system:

For sizeable boardroom or rectangular tables:

  • Central mounting provides the most equal coverage
  • Place unit no more than 2-3 feet from furthest participant for reliable pickup
  • For very long span tables over 25 feet, use 2 linked units for enhanced coverage

In compact square or rounded tables:

  • Mount the speakerphone in the center facing outwards
  • Keep within 3 foot radius of furthest seated participant
  • Avoid installing near HVAC vents blowing directly on the device

For open floor plan layouts:

  • Elevate microphone over table height for clearer transmission
  • Consider ceiling mounting above the conversation area
  • Add acoustic sound dampening panels to minimize echo

Pro tip: Test mic pickup coverage from all seating areas before permanently mounting your device to ensure optimal clarity!

FAQs About Conference Room Microphones

What‘s the difference between personal and conference room speakerphones?

Personal speakerphones designed for call quality on an individual level typically accommodate 2-4 people nearby. Conference room speakerphones feature broader directional pickup spanning multiple feet to clearly capture entire group conversations.

Do units with higher microphone numbers perform better?

Not always! The mic array and audio processing algorithms also significantly impact performance. Typically 4-6 mic units provide plenty of coverage for meeting rooms – higher numbers often just drive up cost.

How often should conference room mics be maintained?

Regular cleaning is helpful to maintain clear sound. Dust buildup can muffle mic audio transmission. For speaker mesh grilles, use compressed air every 1-2 months. Disinfect unit surfaces with approved wipes per manufacturer guidance as well to prevent germ spread between meetings.

Can I use conference room microphones outdoors?

While some feature weather resistance, intense heat/cold/humidity can still damage mics so extended outdoor operation isn‘t recommended for most. Consider wireless PA systems better suited for events requiring broad open-air coverage instead.

Final Take – Elevate Your Video Call Audio Now

Trying to facilitate team video collaboration and discussion with insufficient audio gets painful quickly. Investing in an enterprise-grade conference room microphone system tailored for your meeting room capacity and workstyle pays off immediately with clearer meetings.

Hopefully this breakdown of the leading options removes any purchasing barriers with tailored picks for your budget and requirements. Just don‘t settle for lackluster built-in laptop mics holding back your team‘s communication any longer!