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The 5 Best Zigbee Hubs for Your Smart Home in 2023

As smart home technology grows increasingly popular, zigbee has emerged as one of the leading protocols for connecting compatible devices. Zigbee uses mesh network technology, allowing smart products to interconnect for whole-home control and automation.

The key to building a robust zigbee network is having an excellent central hub. The zigbee hub acts as a control panel, linking your compatible smart devices while enabling remote access and voice control. But with many hubs available, how do you pick the right one?

I‘ve tested and researched all the top options to rank the 5 best zigbee hubs on the market. I evaluated them based on price, features, user-friendliness, smart device compatibility, and more to uncover the top recommendations across various needs and budgets.

The 5 Best Zigbee Hubs

Hub Key Features Price
1 Aqara Smart Hub M2 Compact size, supports 128 devices, built-in speaker $40
2 Amazon Echo (4th Gen) Doubles as Alexa speaker, great audio, links with Alexa & Zigbee devices $100
3 Aeotec Smart Home Hub Controls Zigbee & Z-Wave devices, 5,000+ product compatibility $130
4 Hubitat Elevation C-8 Local network control for privacy, WiFi & Z-Wave connectivity $170
5 Amazon Echo Show 10 Built-in screen can rotate, great for monitoring $250

1. Aqara Smart Hub M2 – Best Overall Zigbee Hub

Key Features: Compact size, 128 device limit, built-in speaker, good value

For its versatility, large device capacity, and reasonable price point, the Aqara Smart Hub M2 stands out as the best overall Zigbee hub.

It has a super compact, sleek design – smaller than most smart speakers. You get robust connectivity options like WiFi, ethernet, and USB. It can link up to 128 Aqara zigbee devices for extensive whole-home control.

The built-in speaker enables integration with voice assistants. Setup is a breeze with Apple HomeKit. For the price, you‘d be hard-pressed to find a zigbee hub that packs comparable bandwidth and features.


  • Good value for price
  • Very compact, space-saving design
  • Connects 128 devices


  • Occasional app errors
  • Speaker lacks smart assistant

Best for: Budget-friendly smart home automation with robust device support. Works great with Apple HomeKit.

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2. Amazon Echo (4th Gen) – Best Zigbee Hub Speaker

Key Features: Premium 360° sound, Zigbee/Alexa integration, attractive spherical design

The Amazon Echo (4th Gen) smart speaker doubles as an excellent zigbee hub. It delivers powerful room-adapting audio in an elegant orb shape.

Having the zigbee radio built into the Echo allows you to voice control hundreds of compatible smart lights, locks, sensors and more using Alexa voice commands. It weaves together Zigbee, WiFi, Bluetooth, and other key protocols for simplified whole-home control.

The Echo connects to Alexa to execute your voice requests precisely. And privacy is ensured with microphone/camera off buttons.


  • Combines speaker & hub
  • Great sound quality
  • Links with Alexa ecosystem


  • Larger size
  • Lose zigbee if speaker replaced

Best for: People wanting a zigbee hub with excellent audio and Alexa voice control in one device.

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3. Aeotec Smart Home Hub – Best for Zigbee & Z-Wave Control

Key Features: Operates Zigbee & Z-Wave devices, 5000+ product compatibility, well-known brand

The Aeotec Smart Home Hub is the top choice if you want to control both zigbee and Z-Wave devices. Z-Wave is another popular smart home protocol.

This hub delivers extensive cross-compatibility – it can interface with over 5000 smart products across major brands. The sleek rectangular design sports antennas to boost range.

As an added perk, Aeotec manufactures devices for Samsung SmartThings – so it integrates flawlessly. The robust connectivity enables control through Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, SmartThings, and more.


  • Controls Zigbee & Z-Wave devices
  • Huge smart product compatibility
  • Reputable brand


  • No voice assistant built-in
  • On pricier end

Best for: People who already own Z-Wave devices or want support for multiple protocols.

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4. Hubitat Elevation C-8 – Best Local Control Zigbee Hub

Key Features: Local network operation, Zigbee & Z-Wave support, improved range

For the ultimate in privacy, the Hubitat Elevation C-8 zigbee hub keeps all data on your local network – away from the cloud.

It delivers flexibility by incorporating both Zigbee and Z-Wave tech into one unit. The WiFi connectivity and external antennas help eliminate dead zones around your property.

You get robust integration options through mobile apps, third-party ecosystems, and voice control platforms. It‘s an ideal pick if local control and enhanced security matter most.


  • Local network operation
  • Zigbee & Z-Wave support
  • Improves wireless range


  • Steeper learning curve
  • On higher end for pricing

Best for: Maximizing local control, privacy and device support through one hub.

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5. Amazon Echo Show 10 – Best Zigbee Hub with a Screen

Key Features: Large rotating screen, Alexa voice assistant built-in, 360° camera for monitoring

The Amazon Echo Show 10 offers full zigbee hub functionality paired with an interactive smart display.

The beautiful 10" HD screen can rotate to always face you – perfect for step-by-step recipes, video calls, visual alerts, and more. You can leverage the display to control your smart home gadgets with a live overview.

Alexa allows extensive voice control as well. And the 13MP camera enables sharp quality monitoring that auto-pans to keep subjects in view.


  • Helpful integrated screen
  • Smooth rotation tracking
  • Sharp quality camera


  • Most expensive option
  • Lose hub if device replaced

Best for: People wanting a hub with video and extensive smart feature integration powered by Alexa.

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What To Consider In a Zigbee Hub

With many zigbee hubs available, it helps to know what factors to evaluate so you select the right one for your needs and budget:


Ensure the hub works with the types of zigbee devices/ecosystems you want to implement. This includes brands, communication protocols, and voice assistants.


Determine what built-in extras would be useful like speakers, screens, multiple protocol support, local network functionality, etc.

Ease of Use

The hub should make installing, managing, and controlling devices as simple as possible for your skill level.


Hubs range from about $40 to $250+. Set a reasonable budget and find one meeting your connectivity needs.


Assess protocols like data encryption, password protection, and local operation options if smart home privacy is a major concern.

Frequently Asked Zigbee Hub Questions

Do I really need a hub for Zigbee devices?

A zigbee hub is essential if you want to control gadgets remotely through a smartphone when away from home. It connects your network to the cloud.

Where should I place my Zigbee hub?

Centrally locate it in your home for best connectivity. Unlike WiFi, zigbee uses a mesh network – so devices spread the signal rather than needing to link directly.

Can I incorporate Zigbee with other smart home protocols?

Yes, many hubs now bridge Zigbee with WiFi, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, and more. This allows you to integrate different device types seamlessly.

Over to You

I hope this guide has helped you discover the best zigbee hubs to consider across budgets and needs.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I‘m happy to provide additional advice about building out your zigbee-based smart home!