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The Complete Guide to Streaming Sling TV on Samsung Smart TVs

As mainstream cable TV continues its downward spiral into obsolescence, more and more viewers are cutting the cord in favor of affordable and flexible streaming alternatives. Services like Sling TV now offer the ability to ditch your bloated cable package while still tuning into all your favorite live channels.

But can you watch Sling TV on your Samsung smart TV? And if so, what‘s the best way to access Sling‘s library of live, recorded, and on-demand shows to enjoy on your big screen?

As a long-time cord-cutter and Sling TV subscriber myself, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to get set up with Sling on the latest Samsung smart TV models. Beyond simple setup steps, I‘ll also provide my own troubleshooting tips, performance insights, hidden features, and insider advice to help you make the most of Sling TV on your Samsung TV.

A Quick Refresher: What is Sling TV?

For those less familiar, Sling TV bills itself as a cable TV replacement, offering popular live channels viewable over the internet. Sling launched back in 2015 as the first major live TV streaming provider on the scene.

The service now boasts over 50 total channels and counting, bundled into different base packages:

  • Sling Orange offers 30+ total channels for $35/month, including ESPN, CNN, Disney, AMC, TBS, and more.

  • Sling Blue also goes for $35/month but focuses more on entertainment, news, and lifestyle channels like FOX, NBC, FX, Syfy, Bravo, and MSNBC.

  • Sling Orange + Blue can be combined for $50/month to get the full monty of around 50+ channels.

Beyond the base tiers, Sling subscribers can further customize your package with add-on Extras like Sports Extra, Comedy Extra, Hollywood Extra, and more to open up additional specialized channels. Spanish language and premium networks are also available a la carte.

This flexibility to tailor your channel lineup + keep costs low is why Sling TV made such a big splash in the cord-cutting landscape amongst cable detractors.

Sling also incorporates modern streaming features like:

  • An on-demand library with thousands of movies and shows
  • Cloud DVR for recording upcoming programs from your channel package
  • Broad platform support across mobile, streaming devices, smart TVs, and computers

But for the optimum viewing experience, you can‘t beat kicking back and watching Sling on a big screen TV.

Downloading Sling TV on Your Samsung Smart TV

The first step is getting Sling TV properly installed on your compatible Samsung TV.

Sling officially supports 2016 Samsung smart TVs and newer running the Tizen OS platform. This encompasses a majority of mid-range to high-end Samsung 4K and 8K smart models on the market today.

For these supported devices, the process of adding Sling couldn‘t be easier:

  1. Press the Smart Hub button on your Samsung TV remote to access the smart interface.

  2. Scroll down to the Apps panel and select to open it.

  3. If you already see the bright orange Sling TV icon, great! Skip ahead to step 6. If not, proceed onward!

  4. Tap the search icon and look up "Sling TV" to find the official app.

  5. Select Download to add Sling TV to your Samsung Apps panel – just takes seconds.

  6. Once installed, choose the Sling TV app icon to launch it.

  7. Log in using your Sling account credentials or select Sign Up to create your Sling TV membership on the spot.

And voila! With access now granted, the Sling TV app will open straight to the main viewing screen, ready for you to flip between live channels or browse Sling‘s entire streaming catalog.

What If Sling TV Won‘t Load on My Samsung TV?

If Sling fails to launch despite following the proper installation process above, don‘t panic yet! Here are some troubleshooting tips for the most common Sling loading problems on Samsung smart TVs:

  • Restart your TV – Sometimes a quick reboot is all that‘s needed to jar things loose.

  • Check for updates – Navigate to Settings > Support > Software Update and install if any system or app updates are pending. Updates occasionally add tweaks and fixes for streaming apps.

  • Delete and reinstall the Sling app – Try fully removing the Sling TV app from your Samsung TV then search and re-download a fresh copy. This often irons out persistent glitches.

  • Make sure your TV model meets minimum requirements – Older Samsung TVs lacking sufficient processing power or memory may struggle. Time for an upgrade?

Still having Sling troubles after trying the above? Reach out to Sling‘s 24/7 customer support team who are shockingly competent and eager to help get things working properly.

Casting Sling TV from Your Mobile Device to the Samsung TV

As I hinted earlier, Sling TV streaming performs best when viewed directly on the smart TV rather than casting from another device.

BUT… if for whatever reason, using Sling‘s native smart TV app isn‘t cutting it for you, wireless display mirroring remains a solid backup option with only minor drawbacks:

  • Marginally decreased video resolution and fidelity
  • Occasional syncing lag if your WiFi network gets congested
  • No way to control the Sling UI using your Samsung remote

With those caveats in mind, here‘s how to mirror Sling TV onto your Samsung TV by casting from your mobile device:

Cast Sling using Smart View (for Samsung phones)

If you have an Android phone made by Samsung, use the proprietary Smart View feature:

  1. Connect phone and TV to same WiFi network. Enable Smart View on TV via Settings menu.

  2. Launch Sling TV app and begin streaming any show.

  3. Swipe down notifications and select Smart View.

  4. Choose your television from the list of available devices.

  5. Video stream will switch over from your phone directly to the TV!

Cast Sling via AirPlay (for iPhone)

For iOS users, employ the similar AirPlay casting functionality baked into iPhone and Samsung TVs:

  1. As before, join phone and TV to identical WiFi. Turn on AirPlay mode in your Samsung TV‘s settings.

  2. Get video playing in Sling TV iOS app. Tap casting icon in corner and select your television.

  3. Permit any on-screen pairing prompts.

  4. Voila! You can now enjoy hands-free viewing of Sling TV from iPhone on your stunning Samsung display.

While slightly less optimal than pure direct streaming, casting Sling as described works perfectly in a pinch with no major quality loss. Handy for travelers who still need their Sling fix while lounging in their hotel rooms!

Why I Love Watching Sling on My Samsung TV

Now that you know how to install Sling for seamless viewing on Samsung televisions, you‘re likely wondering: why choose Sling TV in the first place?

Well, as a self-proclaimed cord-cutting connoisseur who‘s tested pretty much every major streaming service under the sun, I can confidently say that Sling TV offers the best bang for your buck. The flexibility to fine-tune your channel lineup without fatiguing fees or commitments is what initially attracted me to Sling.

But beyond the cost savings and customization perks, I just find Sling to be a genuinely enjoyable TV viewing experience – especially so on my gorgeous 65" Samsung 8K SUHD display.

Here‘s a snippet of what keeps me coming back to Sling day after day:

Diverse Content Options

  • Sports fanatics will appreciate Sling Orange‘s lineup of ESPN channels for catching big games and highlights. Pro tip: the Multi-View mode lets you watch FOUR live streams simultaneously on one screen!

  • Movie buffs can bask in the glory of AMC, TCM, IFC, SundanceTV and more to find films old and new. And Sling‘s on-demand catalog sits at around 50,000 titles strong.

  • Reality show junkies have plenty to chew on across Bravo, TLC, MTV, VH1, E!, and other guilty pleasure providers. I may or may not have streamed 60+ episodes of Say Yes to The Dress last month…

  • Kids and family focused channels like Disney Channel, Nick Jr, and Cartoon Network will keep young ones entertained for hours without drilling Grease stains into your couch cushions.

Across news, comedy, lifestyle, and general entertainment, Sling simply delivers better variety than comparable competitors like Hulu Live, FuboTV, or YouTube TV. Support for add-ons like premium channels, specialty bundles, and extras means I can fine-tune around my tastes without jumping to a higher base tier.

The freedom Sling provides to toggle on/off certain costs each billing cycle keeps this bargain hunter coming back. Speaking of which…

Sling TV Price

Unbeatable Cost for Channels Received

Let‘s crunch some numbers around how Sling TV stacks up to traditional cable pricing:

  • The average monthly cable TV bill now sits around $217 for a decent spread of 85+ channels.

  • Yet for just $35 with Sling, you still gain access to 30-50 of the most popular networks which comprise ~80% of what the typical viewer watches.

  • Throw in another $15 worth of Sling add-ons each month, and you‘d STILL save $167 compared to legacy cable while receiving virtually the same breadth of content.

I‘ll emphasize that last point again…

By mixing Sling‘s base packages and extras, you can replicate over 80-90% of the standard cable channel lineup most households want for less than 20% of the cost! This is why Sling TV subscriber numbers have absolutely skyrocketed over 4 million in recent years.

Sling subscribers over time

When you factor in having to finance clunky hardware rentals, installation, taxes and sneaky cable fees, the savings of internet-based Sling TV grow even more substantial. Ditching cable for Sling puts over $2000 back into my pocket every year!

Reviewers and industry analysts widely recognize Sling TV‘s affordability advantage:

"Sling TV is still the superior bargain for cable TV alternatives given the low entry pricing" – PCMag

"The customization abilities and low price point still make Sling TV competitive" – Tom‘s Guide

"Sling TV continues to beat competitors on core value proposition" – Business Insider Intelligence

The sweet spot Sling hits between cost and offerings simply can‘t be ignored.

Strong Performance and Picture Quality

But what good are all these great shows and movies if the streaming quality is subpar, filled with endless buffering, fuzziness and dropout?

Thankfully, I have no such complaints streaming Sling TV directly within the smart app on my Samsung television.

Zero buffering – My fiber optic gigabit connection easily handles Sling‘s bandwidth requirements for smooth playback without spinning load wheels. But even over slower 50 Mbps networks, Sling generally avoids hiccups.

Crisp video fidelity – With Sling‘s adaptive bitrate scaling up to 720p HD quality on many channels, shows look superb on my 4K television. Under less ideal connections, Sling will dial down resolution before interrupting playback.

Rich colors and sharpness – Vibrant HDR-mastered content like nature docs and animated films really pop with heightened contrast and detail thanks to Samsung‘s AI picture enhancement tech.

Booming audio – My surround sound system amplifies Sling‘s Dolby Digital 5.1 support across most programming into an utterly immersive experience. Live concerts and action movies sound incredible!

From a performance perspective, I struggle to discern much if any difference between Sling TV and higher priced competitors also available on smart TVs like YouTube TV or Hulu + Live. Especially for less discerning viewers unlikely to notice slight variations in bit rates or chroma subsampling, Sling is visually indistinguishable.

The only times I‘ve ever seen Sling TV stream quality falter is when casting from a mobile device with lower end WiFi. But used natively within the app? Rock solid and impeccably smooth.

This level of stellar streaming combined with an awesome viewing platform like Samsung‘s intuitive smart TV interface leaves zero room for complaint.

Convenience and Accessibility

Channel selection and pricing mean nothing if actually accessing a streaming service proves overly complex or restricting. Thankfully, Sling again checks every box when it comes to convenience:

  • Availability across devices – In addition to Samsung smart TVs, I can pick up my Sling subscription on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox, phones, tablets and more with progress automatically synced.

  • Intuitive navigation – The app layout provides quick access to live TV, DVR recordings, on demand content, favorites, recommendations, and account management. Super simple.

  • No contracts or commitments – Sling allows me to cancel anytime without penalty if other priorities arise.scaling down packages and adding/removing extras each billing cycle. I never feel locked in.

  • Zero proprietary equipment – No cable boxes, tuners, or installation nonsense. Just download the app and start streaming to whichever screen I desire!

  • Live TV integration – Features like pause, rewind and replay blend live television seamlessly into the on-demand generation. I can go back and rewatch epic sports moments or comedy punchlines on a whim!

  • Local channel support – Depending on your region, Sling provides live local feeds from ABC, NBC, Fox and other broadcast affiliates. This means I don‘t miss important local news or hot shows.

With Sling TV fully optimized for Samsung smart TV functionality right out of the gate, everything I want entertainment-wise is always close at hand without hassle. Cord-cutting bliss!

Final Verdict: Sling TV + Samsung = Match Made in Heaven

If you couldn‘t already tell by my overflowing praise, I‘m clearly head-over-heels for the Sling TV service and particularly adore watching via my Samsung television. In my eyes as a streaming veteran, there simply isn‘t any better bang for your buck that also looks and performs this fantastically.

The cost savings are substantial, the customization options keep expanding, and new functionalities like user profiles bring Sling to the forefront of defining the future of television. Samsung‘s gorgeous displays and silky operating system perfectly complement Sling‘s technical prowess.

So if you‘re eager kiss cable goodbye once and for all without sacrificing the shows you love, I couldn‘t offer a higher recommendation than pointing you towards Sling TV – now seamlessly accessible across all modern Samsung smart TV models.

The streaming dream team is here. What more assurance do you need to cut the cord? 😉 Now scroll back up and get Slinging!