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David Eason: Controversial Reality Star

Full Name David Eason
Age 35
Birthday June 23, 1988
Born United States
Relationship Married to Jenelle Evans
Social Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

David Eason is a controversial reality TV personality best known for his appearances on MTV‘s Teen Mom 2 alongside his wife Jenelle Evans. As a rugged outdoorsman and entrepreneur, Eason built a reputation as one of the show‘s most volatile figures before his eventual firing.

Early Life and Upbringing

Born in 1988 in North Carolina, not much is known about Eason‘s family and childhood. According to longtime fans, he grew up in the countryside and took to activities like hunting, fishing, and riding ATVs from a young age. This cultivated his outdoorsman persona.

As a teenager, Eason worked odd jobs to make money and help provide for his family. He dreamed of one day starting his own business. After high school, Eason began training as a welder and pipefitter.

Fiery Relationship with Jenelle Evans

Eason met Jenelle Evans in 2015 and they quickly entered an intense relationship. Evans had recently split from an ex and regained custody of her son Jace after appearing on 16 and Pregnant in 2010.

Fans noticed Eason‘s controlling tendencies early on. He dictated who Evans could interact with and enforced strict rules. Arguments often turned into screaming matches.

"David had a temper right from the start. But Jenelle seemed to think it was a sign he really cared," recalls long-time Teen Mom viewer Amy.

By 2016, Eason and Evans were engaged. They married in 2017 and went on to have two children – daughter Ensley and son Kaiser. Their relationship remained problematic.

Infamous Run on Teen Mom 2

David Eason joined the cast of Teen Mom 2 when he started dating Evans. As her soulmate, Eason was featured heavily in seasons 5 and 6.

Viewers witnessed disturbing behavior from Eason including homophobic comments towards Evans‘ openly gay cousin. In one episode, Eason became enraged when Kaiser cried. "I‘m going to teach him not to act like a little b*tch," he yelled.

According to behind-the-scenes sources, Eason‘s tirades were even worse off-camera. Several crew members felt unsafe around him.

In February 2018, Eason posted a series of bigoted tweets about the LGBTQ community. MTV promptly fired him from the show.

Life After Teen Mom

Since getting fired, Eason has only amplified his controversial views. He frequently posts pro-gun messages and far-right conspiracies on social media.

Eason also maintains an on-again, off-again relationship with Evans. Police have been called over domestic disputes numerous times, often related to Eason‘s violent outbursts.

"It‘s been sad to see Jenelle stay with David after everything that‘s happened," says fan Melissa Jones. "But their relationship has always been rocky."

These days, Eason keeps a low profile in North Carolina where he runs his own towing business. However, his desire for attention keeps him active on social media.

Love him or hate him, David Eason undoubtedly brought chaos to Teen Mom 2. Whether he has truly changed his ways remains to be seen. For fans like me who have followed him for years, we can only hope he learns to control his demons.