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Kody Brown: An In-Depth Profile of the Sister Wives Star

Kody Brown
Full Name: Kody Winn Brown
Birthday: January 20, 1969
Birthplace: Lovell, Wyoming
Age: 54 years old
Height: 6‘4"
Spouses: Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn (spiritual marriages)
Children: 18 biological, 3 adopted
Net Worth: ~$800,000
Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

As the ruddy-haired patriarch and proclaimed "alpha-male" of TLC‘s hit reality show Sister Wives, Kody Brown has become one of the most recognized polygamists in America. For over a decade, Kody has brought viewers into the inner lives of his unconventional yet tight-knit family. Between his four "spiritual wives" Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn and his 18 biological children spanning 30 years of relationships, Kody navigates the challenges and joys of plural marriage under the public microscope.

While controversial, Kody is beloved by fans for his bold, unfiltered personality and commitment to his family. As one of television‘s most memorable fathers and husbands, he represents a multifaceted American story. So let‘s take a deeper look at the man behind the headline-grabbing lifestyle!

Kody‘s All-American Upbringing

Born January 20, 1969 in Wyoming, Kody Winn Brown was raised in a polygamous Mormon family within the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB) faith. He grew up in Lovell, a small town where his extended family made up a quarter of the tiny population.

As a self-described "typical boy", Kody played football and wrestled, developing a competitive streak. He clashed with school administrators over his family‘s beliefs. "I felt like a pariah," he has recalled about being a polygamist kid in a mainstream world.

After high school, Kody spent two years on an LDS mission in Texas and Oklahoma before marrying his high school friend Meri in 1990 at age 21. Their daughter Mariah arrived soon after in 1995.

Expanding the Brown Bunch

In 1993, Kody expanded his family by "spiritually marrying" second wife Janelle. She already had two children from a previous marriage that Kody legally adopted. Over the next 12 years, they welcomed six more kids together.

Christine joined the Brown family as wife #3 in 1994, eventually birthing six children for Kody. More than a decade later, Robyn became Kody‘s fourth wife in 2010. He also adopted her three children from another marriage.

Kody and Robyn have since added two more babies to the picture, bringing the grand total to one legal union, three spiritual unions, 18 biological kids, and 3 adopted ones!

Managing four marriages, four households, and 21 mouths to feed all comes down to one key for Kody: “The glue is our religion and our family goals."

Breakout Reality TV Fame

In 2010, Kody and his wives were approached to star in a reality show documenting their lives. After much deliberation, Sister Wives was born on TLC. America was intrigued by this unconventional yet earnest family navigating polygamy in modern society.

Over 17 seasons, viewers have seen the Browns endure scrutiny, move across state lines, and raise teenagers in a plural family. Through ups and downs, their commitment remains. As Meri describes, “We work every day to keep the family whole and solid."

While some question the lifestyle, fans are drawn to Kody‘s candid attitude and unique role as husband to four strong women. During COVID, he even rotated between four separate households to avoid gathering!

Fun Facts About Everyone‘s Favorite Polygamist

  • Kody‘s favorite sport is still wrestling – he even built a ring in the family‘s yard!
  • At 6’4”, he‘s nicknamed “Big Kody” around the house.
  • He works out regularly and takes supplements but admits "I‘m addicted to nachos."
  • Kody inspires loyalty – Christine has said she “absolutely 100% cannot imagine living without him.”
  • His mom still lives on the family‘s property in a private house.
  • He drives a BMW convertible and an Audi sports car, befitting the alpha personality.
  • Kody is credited with advancing public understanding of polygamy as a nuanced choice that works for some families.

Why Fans Love Kody Brown

While the true picture of a polygamist patriarch is complex, Kody Brown has ushered it into mainstream pop culture with an unapologetic yet thoughtful attitude. He tackles questions head-on, sharing both the rewards and difficulties.

Ultimately, Kody represents bravery – to live according to his faith despite societal taboos, to raise four families simultaneously, and to do it all publicly for 17 seasons and counting. Love him or not, Kody can‘t be ignored!