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Liam Reardon – Reality Star and Model

Full Name Liam Reardon
Age 23
Birthday August 18, 1999
Birth Place Wales, UK
Height 6‘6
Relationship Status Dating Millie Court
Social Media Instagram, Twitter

Early Life in Wales

Liam Reardon was born and raised in a small town in Wales, UK. He grew up with his parents, two sisters, and a brother. As a child, Liam was very active and excelled at sports like rugby and football. He attended the local public school and worked as a bricklayer after graduation.

According to Liam, he had a normal upbringing: “I‘m just a normal lad from Wales who grafted as a brickie before going on Love Island." Homebody Liam enjoys spending time with family and friends in his tight-knit hometown when he gets the chance.

Reality TV Debut on The Valleys

Liam‘s first taste of fame came in 2019 when he was cast on the Welsh reality show The Valleys. The show followed a group of young adults trying to make it big in Cardiff. On the show, Liam‘s outgoing and cheeky personality quickly made him a standout.

Though The Valleys only aired for one season, it gave Liam the reality TV experience that would lead to his casting on Love Island two years later.

Finding Love on Love Island

In 2021, Liam was selected as an original islander on Season 7 of the smash hit British dating show Love Island. He made his villa entrance on Day 1, instantly catching the eyes of the girls with his tall, muscular frame and boyish charm.

Liam coupled up with fashion buyer Millie Court, and the pair immediately hit it off. Their natural chemistry and banter made them an early fan favorite. As their romance blossomed, Liam remained committed to Millie despite temptation from Casa Amor bombshell Lillie.

Liam and Millie weathered challenges but ultimately grew stronger together. Liam won viewers‘ hearts with his emotional vulnerability and romantic gestures like writing Millie a love letter. Their unbreakable bond made them the clear couple to beat.

On finale night, Liam got down on one knee and asked Millie to be his girlfriend. Their real love story won the hearts of the nation.

Modelling with Millie

With his commanding 6‘6 height and ripped physique, Liam has unsurprisingly garnered lots of modelling interest. He had some modelling experience pre-Love Island but his fame from the show led to big brand deals.

Liam has modelled for BoohooMAN, Gym King, PLT, and more. He also scored shoots for magazines like Heat and Star alongside girlfriend Millie. The couple enjoys modelling together and supporting each other‘s careers.

According to Liam: “It’s been amazing modelling with Millie. We push each other to be better and have a laugh.”

Life After the Villa with Millie

Following their big Love Island win, Liam and Millie moved into Liam‘s native Wales before settling down together in Essex. Despite their hectic schedules, they make their relationship a priority.

Fans love keeping up with their lives via TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram. From cosy date nights to meeting each other‘s families, Liam and Millie give an authentic glimpse inside their lives.

Liam remains dedicated to giving back to causes important to him. He has partnered with charities supporting mental health, body positivity, and testicular cancer awareness.

Liam Reardon continues to win over fans with his humour, authenticity, and commitment to Millie. This handsome Welsh heartthrob found real love and success by following his heart.