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Lil Tecca: The Young Rap Phenom Taking Over the Music Industry

Lil Tecca, American rapper/singer, rose to fame with "Ransom" peaking at #4 on Billboard Hot 100.

Full Name Tyler-Justin Anthony Sharpe
Age 21
Birthday August 26, 2002
Birth Sign Virgo
Born United States
Relationship Single
Height 5' 8"
Net Worth $3M

About Lil Tecca

Lil Tecca is an American rapper and singer best known for his breakout single, "Ransom." He was born Tyler Sharpe on August 26, 2002 in Queens, New York. Tecca became immersed in hip hop culture at a young age and started rapping and making beats by age 10. He slowly built up a following online, posting tracks on Soundcloud and Instagram.

Tecca‘s career took off when he independently released "Ransom" in 2019. The infectious track blew up, leading to a record deal with Republic Records. "Ransom" peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100, turning Tecca into an overnight success. His debut mixtape, We Love You Tecca, debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200.

Lil Tecca Career Timeline


Born in Queens, NY

On August 26, 2002, Lil Tecca was born in Queens, New York.


Starts Releasing Music

Tecca begins recording music and releasing songs independently.

June 2018

Breakout Single "Ransom"

Drops his breakout hit "Ransom" on Soundcloud.


Signs with Republic Records

Tecca signs a multi-million dollar deal with Republic Records.

August 2019

Releases Debut Mixtape

Drops debut mixtape We Love You Tecca, debuting at #4.


First Billboard Hot 100 Entry

Earns first Hot 100 entry with "Out of Love" at #25.


Billboard Music Awards Nomination

Nominated for Top Rap Song at BBMAs for "Ransom."

Why Fans Love Lil Tecca

From his early beginnings making tracks in his bedroom, Lil Tecca has skyrocketed to fame at just 21 years old. What is it about this young New York artist that resonates so strongly with fans?

  • Relatable Voice – Tecca‘s lyrics about relationships, dreams, and growing up are deeply relatable.
  • Melodic Style – His melodic, infectious vocal style makes his music memorable and catchy.
  • Clever Wordplay – For his age, Tecca exhibits clever bars and a natural knack for wordplay.
  • Engaging Personality – Tecca‘s laidback, humble personality shines through in interviews and social media.
  • Youthful Charisma – As a young talent, his energy and charisma particularly resonate with Gen Z fans.

5 Fascinating Facts About Lil Tecca

  1. He started rapping at just 10 years old after being inspired by Lil Wayne.
  2. Tecca dropped out of high school freshman year to pursue music full-time.
  3. His breakout "Ransom" was recorded completely in his childhood bedroom.
  4. Some of his hobbies include playing basketball and watching anime.
  5. In his free time, Tecca enjoys giving back to his Jamaica, Queens community.

The Impact and Legacy of Lil Tecca

In just a few short years, Lil Tecca has accomplished incredible success that takes most artists decades to achieve. By blending melody and lyricism in a way that resonates with young listeners, Tecca has built a devout fanbase of millions.

Tecca is proof that viral success can translate to mainstream fame. The blueprint he created – releasing catchy tracks online, garnering millions of streams, and landing a major label deal – has inspired countless young artists. He represents a new generation of rap rising through the internet scene.

With his innate talent and drive, Tecca‘s career continues to reach new heights. As he grows and develops his artistry, I can‘t wait to see the impact he‘ll have in the years to come. Still just 21, the best is undoubtedly yet to come for Lil Tecca.