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All About Beauty Guru Tati Westbrook: From Hollywood Actress to YouTube Sensation

Full Name Tatiana Aleksandra Krievins
Birthday February 14, 1982
Age 41 Years Old
Birthplace Seattle, Washington, United States
Residence Los Angeles, California
Occupation YouTube Content Creator, Entrepreneur
Years Active 2010-Present
Spouse James Westbrook (m. 2017-present)
Net Worth $12 Million
Social Media YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Born Tatiana Aleksandra Krievins on February 14, 1982 in Seattle, Washington, Tati discovered her passion for makeup artistry at a young age. She honed her skills working at Lancôme counters in her teens before moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting. During this time, she appeared in commercials and music videos while establishing herself as an in-demand makeup artist for photo shoots and productions.

The Path to YouTube Stardom

After being inspired by the original YouTube beauty gurus, Tati decided to launch her own channel in 2010 dedicated to makeup tutorials, reviews, and hauls. She immediately won over audiences with her warm personality, honesty, and expert techniques. Tati saw immense growth within her first few years on YouTube, gaining millions of subscribers.

Her channel really took off in 2013 when she hit 1 million subscribers. As her audience expanded, she was able to collaborate with major brands and attend exclusive industry events. Tati‘s knowledge of high-end, luxury products differentiated her among the oversaturated beauty space on YouTube. By providing in-depth reviews on hyped products like the Dyson Airwrap and Rodial Snake Venom, she continued growing her reach.

In my opinion, Tati‘s rise to fame can be attributed to her professionalism, creativity, and business-savvy skills. She delivers exceptionally produced content while maintaining an accessible, relatable persona. I‘ve been watching Tati for over 8 years now, and I‘m still learning new tips and discovering products every week from her uploads.

Why Fans Adore Tati Westbrook

As a longtime subscriber, I‘m endlessly impressed by Tati‘s integrity, work ethic, and compassion. Here are some of the qualities that make her one of the most beloved beauty gurus:

  • Honesty: Tati always shares her true opinions, even when it means criticizing expensive products. Her transparency builds trust.
  • Consistency: Uploading 2-3 times a week for over a decade, Tati stays dedicated to creating content.
  • Reliability: Her thorough reviews take the guesswork out of purchasing new beauty items.
  • Supportiveness: Tati uplifts smaller channels and shares constructive criticism to help others improve.
  • Humility: Despite her immense success, Tati remains humble and grateful for her viewers.
  • Advocacy: She raises awareness on important issues like sustainability and inclusion in the beauty industry.
  • Creativity: From original series to monthly favorites, Tati keeps her videos fun and engaging.

In my eyes, Tati embodies everything an influencer should aspire to be. She‘s equal parts glamorous, honest, savvy, and kind – a one-of-a-kind beauty icon.

5 Fun Facts About Tati Westbrook

  1. Tati‘s zodiac sign is Aquarius – no wonder she‘s so forward-thinking and unique!
  2. She has a toy poodle named Mimi who‘s made cameos in her videos. Too cute.
  3. One of her all-time favorite products is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. It‘s a staple in every tutorial.
  4. Tati is a classically trained violinist and minored in violin in university. Beauty and music!
  5. She once had a bad allergic reaction from a hair vitamin, which inspired her to launch her own supplement line.

What the Future Holds

Even after more than a decade on YouTube, I know Tati still has so much up her sleeve. I‘m excited to see her grow her supplement and makeup lines into leading brands. I also would love for her start her own beauty convention someday!

As long as Tati keeps uplifting others and spreading positivity, I‘ll be tuning in loyally as I have for years. She‘s a one-in-a-million talent who will undoubtedly continue impacting the industry. Tati is proof that integrity and passion will always prevail on social media.