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How to Watch Paramount Plus on Your Samsung Smart TV: The Complete Guide

Paramount Plus offers a robust streaming library spanning new releases, iconic classics, sports, and originals. As more households cut cable TV subscriptions, Paramount Plus provides an affordable way to access desirable content. This guide will show you how to start streaming on Samsung smart TVs.

Overview of Paramount Plus Subscription Options

Below is a comparison of everything included across Paramount Plus‘ two main plans:

Some key differences:

  • The Essential plan has limited commercials with ad breaks and video ads before movies. Premium is completely commercial-free.
  • Around 30-40% of content on Essential contains ads compared to 0% with Premium.
  • Live CBS station access allows watching local affiliate networks and programs through Paramount Plus directly. Without it, you‘d need a separate live TV streaming service or HD antenna for major networks.

Premium carries a higher price tag but eliminates ads and opens up Showtime‘s catalog of original series, specials, and documentaries like Billions, Desus & Mero, and Couples Therapy.

With either subscription, you can download shows to mobile devices for offline viewing which isn‘t possible through casting alone. And Paramount Plus houses exclusives you won‘t find elsewhere like Star Trek: Discovery, The Good Fight, and Why Women Kill.

Next, we’ll explore accessing this great content on Samsung TVs.

Method 1: Download Paramount Plus Directly on Supported Samsung TV Models

Downloading apps directly represents the ideal Paramount Plus viewing experience on Samsung TVs. You get access to 4K Ultra HD video quality, user profiles, personalized recommendations, and more.

But what Samsung TVs actually support app downloads in the first place?

Data source: Samsung Support

As this breakdown indicates, Paramount Plus compatibility starts with 2017 Samsung TV models and beyond. 2016 and older lack the necessary hardware capabilities and LCD panel resolutions.

With a compatible television, downloading Paramount Plus is simple. Just head to the Apps screen and search for “Paramount Plus” to find the app. Hit install and sign into your account.

However, one aspect to note with any app is remembering to routinely check for software updates which may improve performance, fix playback bugs, and refine the interface. Most Samsung TVs automatically install updates but this can be verified under General system settings.

Now let’s explore alternatives for streaming Paramount Plus if your aging yet beloved Samsung TV doesn’t meet 2017+ requirements. That’s where casting comes in!

Method 2: Cast Paramount Plus from Mobile Devices

Casting provides a workaround for viewing Paramount Plus on older Samsung televisions by streaming from a secondary smart device to your TV. Think of it like a virtual HDMI cable without the physical tether.

Both iOS and Android platforms enable casting in different manners:

Android/Google Chromecast

  • Connect the Chromecast HDMI dongle accessory to any TV
  • Tap the Cast icon from within the Paramount Plus mobile app
  • Mirrors your Android or PC screen


  • Utilizes Wi-Fi to wirelessly project screens
  • Built into recent Samsung TV firmware
  • Engage via Control Center on iPhones/iPads

In practice, performances can vary depending on the age of your television and network conditions. Bitrates refer to how much data is contained within each second of video and directly impact quality – the higher the better.

Data sources: Paramount Plus help site, Netflix ISP speed recommendations

As this comparison indicates, 4K streaming demands a much greater bitrate and internet speed. This is achievable with the Paramount Plus app on higher-end Samsung TVs but potentially troublesome when casting. Dropped frames, loading circles, and choppy playback manifest when insufficient network bandwidth is available.

If you want to stream Paramount Plus originals like Halo or Seal Team in stunning 4K, newer television sets paired with 25 Mbps+ internet plans provide the necessary foundation.

On the other hand, smoothly watching in plain HD requires just 10-15 Mbps. This makes casting from mobile devices far more realistic on mid-range and older Samsung TVs. You sacrifice 4K visuals but gain big screen watchability.

Common Casting Errors and Fixes

Assuming you have adequate network speeds, what are some common roadblocks when casting Paramount Plus via mobile devices and how can you troubleshoot them?

Can’t cast/Pair devices

  • Update Paramount Plus and Smart View apps
  • Reboot both TV and mobile device
  • Ensure TV and mobile device on same Wi-Fi

Choppy playback

  • Pause and resume to rebuffer
  • Close and re-launch the Paramount Plus app
  • Check internet speeds with a tool like

Video freezes but audio continues

  • Disable/re-enable hardware acceleration in app settings
  • Toggle Airplay off and back on

Error connecting Chromecast

  • Change input to assigned Chromecast HDMI port
  • Factory reset Chromecast and re-configure

App crashes or fails to launch

  • Uninstall and reinstall the Paramount Plus app
  • Clear app cache and data then re-open

If troubleshooting basics don’t resolve casting problems, examining home network infrastructure provides the next troubleshooting avenue:

  • Switch wireless channels on the router to reduce congestion
  • Plug TV directly into router if possible instead of over Wi-Fi
  • Incorporate mesh networking nodes to strengthen signals

Rebooting your gear remains the easiest first step. From there, tracing the path video and audio travels from the internet to your devices helps isolate where streaming turbulence is occurring.

Using Paramount Plus on Samsung TVs with Universal Remotes & Voice Control

A benefit of accessing Paramount Plus directly on Samsung smart TVs is integrating the app with your existing remote control and even voice assistants.

The auto-detect feature on Logitech Harmony universal remotes identifies Paramount Plus as an available smart hub. This allows navigating menus or playing/pausing shows with customary buttons.

Configuring the remote manually also works by assigning app-specific power and volume keys then utilizing the directional pad. This prevents needing to juggle between multiple remotes.

Samsung also enables issuing voice commands to open apps, search content libraries, adjust settings like closed captions, and more. Press the mic button on Samsung remotes or say “Hi Bixby” to interface hands-free.

While physical remotes remain essential accessories, voice control input enhances convenience. And children can easily operate TVs without grasping button sequences on traditional clickers.

Comparing Paramount Plus Accessibility Features on TV vs Mobile

Ensuring Paramount Plus content remains accessible for those hard of hearing or low vision represents an ethical imperative.

Samsung smart TVs boast extensive settings like:

  • Text size magnification under General system settings
  • Background audio descriptions through Audio options

Meanwhile, Paramount Plus itself provides:

Closed captions with adjustible text size, color, opacity, and background styling for reading comfort

Audio descriptions which insert verbal narrations during breaks in dialogue to convey actions and scene transitions

Mobile apps carry the same parameters but manipulating them demands touching small buttons on a screen rather than wielding a tactile remote. Television interfaces ultimately prove more accessibility friendly.

Expert Predictions on Paramount Plus & Samsung TV App Growth

Industry analysts predict steady gains in smart TV households adopting ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) and premium video-on-demand (PVOD) streaming platforms like Paramount Plus.

According to Kagan research forecasts, ad-based and hybrid AVOD services in the vein of Peacock and Paramount Plus will represent 26% of worldwide OTT subscriptions by 2026. Roku CEO Anthony Wood cites this segment’s secret sauce as “high quality content with advertising.”

Concurrently, Business Insider Intelligence projects over 50% of US TV viewers will rely on connected sets versus cable/satellite alone by 2024.

These trends bode well for Paramount Plus app installs on internet-enabled Samsung TVs. Modern living room screens provide prime real estate for studios to directly distribute content.

As Paramount Global CEO Bob Bakish stated in a shareholders meeting:

“In today‘s entertainment landscape, streaming has to be a key part of your strategy…We‘re all in on streaming in a way we‘ve never been before.”

Start Streaming the Best of Paramount Plus on Your Samsung Television

I hope you now feel equipped to access Paramount Plus across every generation of Samsung smart TVs. Either by:

  1. Downloading the Paramount Plus app directly onto 2017 and newer models
  2. Casting shows from your mobile device using Chromecast or AirPlay

Whichever avenue you take, Paramount Plus opens up a world of news, sports, comedy, drama, movies and more in HD or even 4K quality.

Grab the snacks and drinks of your choice and settle into the couch for an entertaining Paramount Plus viewing session on your big screen Samsung television!