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Meri Brown of Sister Wives


Name: Meri Brown (born Meri Barber)

Birthdate: January 16, 1971

Age: 52 years old

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Hometown: Utah

Net Worth: Estimated $400k – $800k

Relationship Status: Spiritually married to Kody Brown

Children: 1 daughter, Mariah Brown

Social Profiles:

Meri Brown is best known as one of the lead stars of the hit TLC reality series Sister Wives documenting her life with husband Kody Brown and his other wives in a polygamist family.

Meri‘s Childhood and Spiritual Upbringing

Born in 1971 in Utah, Meri grew up as the youngest of 12 children in a fundamentalist Mormon family that believed in plural marriage. Her family was part of the Apostolic United Brethren faith and she was raised with polygamy as a normal way of life.

Becoming Kody‘s First Wife

In 1990 at age 19, Meri married Kody Brown after meeting him through mutual friends. She became his first wife in a spiritual ceremony. They legally wed in 1994 and Meri took Kody‘s last name. After he took a second wife in 1996, Meri gave birth to their daughter Mariah in 1995.

Overcoming Infertility and Heartbreak

Sadly Meri struggled with fertility after Mariah‘s birth and was unable to have more children, despite her desire for a large family. This caused marital strain and heartbreak. In 2010 when Kody married fourth wife Robyn, Meri made the difficult choice to divorce him legally so he could adopt Robyn‘s kids.

Rebuilding Trust After Scandals

In recent years, Meri has faced relationship issues and controversies over catfishing allegations and her businesses. Despite strained ties with her sister wives, she remains devoted to her faith and family.

Outside of the show, Meri is building her career mentoring women entrepreneurs and running her clothing business. She loves musicals, Disney, and spending time with her daughter Mariah.

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