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the One and Only Alexis Ren

Quick Alexis Profile

  • Full Name: Alexis René Glabach
  • Birthday: November 23, 1996 (age 26)
  • Hometown: Santa Monica, CA
  • Height: 5‘9"
  • Social Media: 14+ million Instagram followers, 1M TikTok followers
  • Relationship Status: Dating Noah Centineo (since Sept. 2021)

"To me, beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin."

Fans worldwide know Alexis Ren as a talented model, dancer, social media pioneer, mental health advocate, environmentalist, and entrepreneur. But to those who adore her most, she represents resilience, inner strength, and embracing true beauty inside and out.

Alexis‘ meteoric rise to fame begun in 2013 when a single Instagram post quickly amassed tens of thousands of followers. But her compassionate spirit and determination to uplift others have solidified her place in fans‘ hearts ever since.

Now 26, Alexis has already achieved more than some do in a lifetime. While modeling for elite brands, she runs a fitness empire, acts, gives back to charities, and connects authentically with supporters. Alexis‘ maturity, honesty about past struggles, and passionate activism continue to inspire.

Let‘s explore the incredible journey of this multi-dimensional star and why we love Alexis Ren!

Humble Roots Growing Up in California

While born in Santa Monica, Alexis René Glabach was predominantly raised in the small, coastal town of Santa Clarita outside Los Angeles. She enjoyed an active childhood with her close-knit family – parents Mike and Amy Glabach and three siblings, Noah, Jasmine and Julian.

Dance became Alexis‘ passion early on. She began intensive training in ballet, jazz and hip hop by age 5. While shy off stage, Alexis came alive when performing. She even competed in dance competitions across California throughout her youth.

Alexis attended a traditional high school where she made honor roll and was nominated homecoming princess. But beneath the surface, she privately struggled with body image issues and an eating disorder.

"In high school, I wasn‘t popular. I had my own group of friends, but the girls that were popular were a lot prettier than me. I was kind of insecure."

With support from family and therapy, Alexis has overcome disordered habits and embraces natural beauty as an activist today. Her fans feel understood hearing about Alexis’ relatable teen experiences and how she found confidence.

Discovered on Instagram & Flourishing Modeling Career

Like many journeys to fame these days, Alexis Ren’s began on social media. At age 13, she accompanied her best friend, model Audreyana Michelle, to a casting call. Agencies noticed Alexis’ natural talent and offered representation on the spot.

She started booking small catalog and print jobs while attending school, but her modeling career truly took off at 15 in 2013. That’s when Alexis posted a sultry photo on Instagram that unexpectedly went viral, gaining over 30,000 followers in a day!

This launched “Insta-fame” for Alexis and connections with major brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Luli Fama, and Adidas. She has since flourished into an internationally-recognized model, gracing the pages of GQ, Galore, Maxim, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Sports Illustrated, and more.

While grateful, Alexis sees modeling as just one part of her work:

“Modeling has given me so many opportunities, but it‘s also important that girls understand it doesn‘t define you. We are so much more."

Taking Hollywood: Dancing with the Stars & Acting

Ever the performer, Alexis achieved a career highlight in 2018 by competing on Dancing with the Stars season 27. She was partnered with fan-favorite pro Alan Bersten, and the two impressed with their natural chemistry.

Alexis wowed each week by picking up choreography quickly and showing both technical skill and artistry. She captivated viewers by opening up about her struggles with mental health and body image. Alexis’ vulnerability, charisma and determination to grow earned her 4th place – the best finish by any model on DWTS.

“Dancing with the Stars taught me how to be confident in who I am. I learned so much about performing and that life’s too short to doubt yourself.”

The exposure of DWTS led Alexis to new opportunities like acting. She’s appeared on shows including Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules, Alexis Ren in Rome and Young Once. While new to acting, Alexis’ bubbly personality shines on camera and she continues improving her craft. Fans are eager to see what entertainment projects she tackles next!

The Original Insta Girl & Social Media Trailblazer

It’s impossible to talk about Alexis Ren without mentioning social media. She has amassed an astounding 14.8 million loyal Instagram followers and over 1 million on TikTok. But Alexis connects with supporters as more than just another influencer – she is a trailblazer.

Back when Instagram first took off in the early 2010s, Alexis was among the first to gain Insta-fame and forge brand partnerships. She helped set the blueprint for aspirational content that feels intimate, uplifting and fun.

These days, Alexis’ feed features modeling photos, behind-the-scenes glimpses of projects, motivational quotes, vlogs, travel photos and lifestyle content. While she has matured her personal brand to promote body positivity, Alexis retains the free spirit, positivity and humor fans first fell for.

She also interacts genuinely with supporters across platforms through DMs, LIVEs and in-person meetups. For Alexis, spreading light through social media is what matters most:

“I want to share joy, remind young women of their worth, and connect in a real way.”

Mental Health Advocacy & Charity Work

With fame coming young, Alexis has faced pitfalls like cyberbullying and the pressure to fit unrealistic beauty standards. But these challenges fueled her passion for advocating mental health awareness.

She has used her platform to speak openly about her eating disorder recovery, feeling depressed and anxious, undergoing therapy, and discovering self-love. Alexis wants supporters, especially young women, to know they aren’t alone in their struggles.

“It’s okay to not always be okay. You have the strength inside to push through anything life throws at you.”

Alexis has partnered with organizations like the National Eating Disorders Association to further support those in need. In 2018, she launched her own charity shirt line called SHEISSTRONG, with proceeds going towards NEDA.

Alexis also uses social media to promote environmental causes close to her heart. She often highlights eco-conscious brands and urges followers to reduce waste by making changes big and small.

Entrepreneurship: Apps, Activewear & Jewelry Lines

On top of her creative work, Alexis has a sharp business sense. She launched the fitness app Alexis Ren Fitness in 2017 to share workout and nutrition programs she designs herself. Fans can choose monthly or yearly subscriptions to train “with Alexis”.

She has also collaborated on clothing lines for brands like Lovewave Swimwear and Oh Polly. Alexis pours her bubbly personality into each collection full of trendy, flattering pieces women love wearing.

Most recently in 2022, Alexis founded her own jewelry line called My Jewell. The minimalist, feminine earrings, necklaces, rings and hair accessories aim to complement natural beauty. Alexis‘ creative touch shines through these pieces made for everyday wear.

Knowing Alexis‘ determination, fans eagerly await seeing what other new ventures she‘ll embark on next!

Staying Grounded In Fame

Despite accomplishing so much professionally, Alexis remains remarkably grounded and connected to her roots. She still lives in Los Angeles near her close-knit family, who have kept her humble.

Alexis prioritizes her physical and mental health by cooking nutritious meals, working out, doing weekly therapy, and practicing mindfulness. She enjoys low-key hobbies like hiking, painting watercolors, and playing with her golden retriever named Ariel.

And she has found a supportive partner in actor Noah Centineo. The two instantly bonded over shared career experiences and outlooks on life when they began dating in 2021. Fans adore their sweet, genuine relationship away from paparazzi and public pressure.

Regardless of her celebrity status, Alexis is still the same compassionate, fun-loving person she‘s always been to her biggest supporters.

Why We Admire Alexis Ren

There are endless reasons why fans worldwide can‘t get enough of Alexis Ren! Here are just a few of her most admirable traits:

  • Relatable journey – Alexis is open about overcoming struggles many young girls face too, making supporters feel understood.
  • Uses her voice for good – She advocates for mental health, body positivity, and the environment with sincerity.
  • Down-to-earth attitude – Despite her fame, Alexis remains humble, gracious to fans, and true to herself.
  • Inspires women – Alexis empowers all to know their worth and embrace their natural beauty.
  • Multi-talented – She has evolved from model to dancer, actress, influencer and entrepreneur over the years.
  • Determined spirit – Alexis doesn‘t let obstacles stop her from achieving dreams and uplifting others.

At just 26, her heartfelt activism and authentic connection with supporters show incredible maturity. We simply admire Alexis‘ resilience, spirit, drive, and passion to keep making a difference! She is a role model to all in living confidently, giving back, and staying true to yourself above all.

The journey is only just beginning for this multi-dimensional star, and fans can’t wait to continue supporting Alexis Ren’s future!